9 Days Untill We Open!

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
Build out is complete, now we start the load in process of all of our merchandize and supplies. Still need to get all of the shop models built, and learn how to use our POS software. I need a vacation before I open, alas no time. Our 33 year anniversary is tomorrow (July 17) and we'll probably work right thru it and have pizza or something. At least I bought my wife’s gift months ago, before I started on the build out.
Store is looking great, have had allot of positive comments from all that have seen it so far. Will take some pics and try to post them after we open. Monday, July 26 is the target date. Going to just do a soft open and get used to things for a couple of weeks and then my advertising will start.
My head is spinning, haven't slept much lately.
Goodness - how did you ever find the time to give us a progress report!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Two big celebrations at once.

Any chance there is some champagne to go with that pizza???
July 26th.

I'm glad you picked a specific date instead of planning your opening for 'next Saturday' since we never did figure out when that is.


Captain English
Captain, July 26 is a Monday. Today being Saturday the 17, that would be the Monday after next, right?

Oh well! Just forget I asked. It's now one day closer. I might as well worked all night, because in my dreams I did, and I'm just as wore out. Is there to be a reward for all of my hard work?
Good Luck, jpaul .... our 5th anniversary is coming up in about a month ... seems like just yesterday that we had our slammer opening party ... we were fortunate in that this place was financially self sustaining after the 3rd week ... and every year has been about 15% better than the year before .... beats the heck outta health care administration (my previous existance ..
Congrats on completing your build out. That is the hardest part. I just completed my new store. I did all the build out myself. It took me 6 weeks
working after hours but I'm in and moved from the old place. In 4 open days of business I have taken in more custom jobs than I did the entire first month at the previous location. I had people tapping on the front door with the windows papered up if they saw lights on wanting to know when I was opening. The first job we designed was on the floor and looked through boxes of moulding to find what they liked.

I'm like you, I'm going to "settle in" before I start running the ads.
Welcome to the real world of custom framing, Like they told me when I opened 16 years ago that I should have something in my back pocket ( I do ). For me it is a nice paying hobby with a lot of perks. My buddies come to the shop to talk fishing and hunting, I do a lot of my own art work, I can play on the computer,and I can make custom frames when the time allows. I'd call now and order your new SUV (but don't get a Jeep), cause you'll probably have, it paid for within 2 months. One other thing, Being in Toledo, OHIO ( a little to close to Michigan), try to get as much Ohio state stuff as you can and frame in red and gray. GO GUCKS !!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Artist, Yea you can spit into Michigan. You can stand on the border with one foot in Toledo and the other in Michigan. We have a couple of store here, called the "Buckey & Wolverine Shop" where the store is divided down the middle in Michigan/Ohio colors and sell everything Michigan/Ohio.
Well it's off to work I go!
Jerry, 6 weeks, that's about what it is taking me also. Ceramic floor, back room fixtures, front room fixtures/displays/paint/laminate you know the list goes on and on.

Janet, thanks for the anniversary wishes. Our youngest daughter got us a gift certificate for dinner out and a movie. We are too tired, have to go out after we get open, and rest up a bit.

Only 8 more working days before we open. (really only 7, as I am taking next Friday off to go to huge art fair in Ann Arbor Mich.
How exciting! Congrats and all the best to you.
I start moving a gallery next week, so I feel your pain. ;)
Less than 24 hours left! Store ready,am I? If we could only get this POS figured out. Not very intuitive, at least to me. (SpecialtySoft) But we're getting there. And it's only a "soft opening" so I'll have time to get used to it.

Wish us sucess, please. j Paul and Mrs. Paul (not the fish sticks)