7 minutes until tax deadline!

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
I get money back this year, how about you all?
Us too. I have big plans for that money. Roger will do something dull with it like pay bills....
me too, it just hit the bank!

woo hoooo!!!!!!!! as homer simpson would say
I think it's wonderful the way we all get so excited about getting OUR money back from the feds after they've borrowed it from us, interest-free.

Ideally, I'd like to finish each year owing them a dollar. It rarely works out that way.
I attended a Chamber "After Hours" function last evening and you will never guess what they used as a promotion to draw members out to the event!!

They had a postal worker set up with a table and a USPS basket on the table for the Chamber members to drop their tax returns into!! This was a big outdoor event held at the Radisson and sponsored by one of the gambling boats in Biloxi and they had a band, really good finger foods, free drinks, and access to the pool at the hotel and right on the Gulf for a beautiful view of the beach and water.

And here was this little guy in his blue mailman shorts, white shirt, and USPS ball cap taking tax returns and reassuring the few that actually brought their returns to the event that they would be postmarked by midnight!!

What a hoot!!

Roger, you are right, I would rather them not take the extra money in the first place. It's just a relief that after they have taken it, they're not now saying give me more.

My sister who works for HR Block even figured if we funded our IRA's this year, which we were going to skip (this year only) because of business start up cost, that IRS would give us an additional $2,000 tax credit. That is like free money for just funding you IRA. That almost doubled my refund and Uncle Sam funded our IRA's
This is my first year I have to pay...dang it hurts. You go to school and graduate. Start working full time, then at the end of the year you have made too much...so the stinkers take more. Even after you have extra money taken out. Shows what working two part time jobs will do to your tax situation.

I guess I have learned and for that I should be happy, wish I did not need to be poor.
All of the people that receive refunds, as Ron pointed out, are simply getting back the amount you overpaid. If you love the principle, pay the phone bill, or Larson, or whomever an extra $20 every bill and then in April, ask for it back.

Man, life is good.

My wife insists upon setting up our withholding to ensure we get a refund, and like most here, she is excited-in fact, she would be po'd if she didn't get that check. So, you see who wears the pants in my house.

All in all, everyone that got a refund, you might wish to send a Thank You note to the White House and Congress to all those members that voted for the Tax Bill we currently have in place.

If that changes, rest assured that some of you won't get quite as much in the future
Bob, I can't figure out why anyone would want to give the govt. an interest free loan for the course of the year, but it seems human nature is stronger than economic reality. My employee wants to get that check in January. He won't even listen to me when I explain how the Feds are using his money that he has every right to keep. On the other hand there is no end to his griping about what the Feds do with his money otherwise, but he still wants that refund. Go figure. I guess it is consistent in his nature, he gripes about politicians but as far as I know he has never voted.
BTW, I got my taxes "done" on the 15th as well.....I filed for an extension
("They" say that once you have established a pattern of behavior with your taxes, it's best to stick with that pattern), I'll finish mine sometime in mid October.
I hear you Wally. Not only does Debi think the "refund" is important, she also wants to hold that check. This was the first year ever we talked her into electronic deposit.

She votes and is involved, deeply.

I agree with your employee's sentiments about our government. Right up until our recent visit to D.C. When I walk into the National Archives or Library of Congress, I soften my stance.

But, then I feel the same way when I walk into Bank One BallPark, or the Glendale Arena and I see what partnerships between government and private sector can accomplish.

It's all the rest of the wasted stuff....

One person's waste is another person's pork project, I guess
A big refund for me would mean, I had a bad year compaired to the previous year. I don't like refunds for that reason.