5x7 map mounted


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Dec 15, 2004
Ideas on how to mount a 5' x 7' map. It is in three equal pcs. and customer would like it on one board, pieced together as one, with simple frame around it.

Foamcore is not that wide, and vac presses aren't big enough either??
Three pieces each of which are 5' x 7'?

Or three pieces 60" x 28"?

If it's the latter, it seems that you should be able to mount the sections separately. Trim and join the pieces, then splice foam core or coroplast for a backing. That should work so long as the seams are staggered.

I would glue 60" wide cotton fabric to the back to give it a finished look (and maybe even add a little support).

Originally posted by ColleenKennedy:
For pieces that big I recommend using the colorplak system. Contact Rick at
303 926 8931
unfortunately most colorplak systems are bound by the old 48" rule..... The MDF comes 48" wide, the mount tissue comes 48" wide, the press tops out at 48" wide.....

check around with map companies that use "other methods" and we ain't talkin' archival here.....7:f:7?

otherwise a steady hands, Yes! Paste, and oversized Kappa board from a sign company....

best of luck.
Here in the Promised Land, if we need something really large reproduced, or manipulated in any way, we take it to a 'blueprinters'. Most of then sell aerial photos, topo maps, etc.

We have one in Raleigh whose copier/printer(?) is well over 6' long...just a thought, since they do, after all, work with large copies.
Do you have a commercial photography studio in your area? They have the large roller mounts and proper substrates for such jobs. We have one in our area and I keep their current price list on hand at all times!
Many Thanks, good ideas, each part is 39" x 60". The arial or commercial photo folks sound like a great alternative.....