5" Gryphon 10-2001


True Grumbler
May 18, 2004
Southern California
I was encouraged to share this photo with you.
This is Gryphons 5" wide mahogany colored frame with Gryphons beaded fillet. It has a beeswax finish and came out beautifully. They have a great line of moulding!

frmallday ;
I am just curious to see if I understood you correctly and if my method of estmateing images from photos works.Is that Photograph or image a 24x36? at first I thought I misunderstood and that print was considerably smaller,but is it leaning against the wall?

That would be a very Big profile and it makes me remanese about another grumbler with a very simialr screen name (Artlady)she like big mouldings so much she nicknamed herself "Timberwoman".You'd give her a real run for her money.LOL
Nicely done and you chose a very nice frame indeed.

The picture has enough light to balance the dark frame.

The frame color also blends nicely with the dress. The fillet is fine, but you could easily have skipped it (too many beads) and it would still look good.

I like it!
Well, I like the beads too. Just wish they all had lots of piercings.
Lisa my estimation was off I am sorry. But you shouldn't have been. What did that job bring in?

If I'm estimateing right this time that frame took over 11 feet of Filet and and some where arond 15 feet of 5 inch moulding .That should have made a fairly nice sale?
Great job, Lisa
It looks gorgeous and the frame has such a rich look to it.
Lisa does truly great work. I can't wait to see the finished work she is doing for my best friend.

You're rocking Lisa.

I like your website. Think your little cartoon gal is cute!! It is classic, but sexy. Cool retro, but fun. Good looking!


Forgot to mention re your website: When someone clicks on one of your links, the link should open in a new window, while keeping your website page also open. (Right now, the new link opens and your page is gone).

This is a VERY minor change that your web-master could do (unless you're doing this yourself).