4" x 4" gallery wrap help need


PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 20, 2001
Powell, OH
I have 4 4"x4" gallery wraps to do.

They are 4 segments of a photo printed on canvas with white boarders to show on the edges.

The bulk of wraping the corners is very distracting on such a small job.

Any ideas. I have the image and can print multiple copies to play with.

You could sand the stretcher near the corners so the bulk of the canvas would recess. Fold the corner down first then the side flaps over that for a more finished look. Give me a call if you require further information.
Look for a source to buy them all ready made up. I have seen them in an art supply store as amall as 8"x8" so it might exist. Then (with customer's okay) you can trim and mount them onto the face of the stretch.
Jerry I have a Tensador II. This is a 4"x4" job.
The Tensador wont work that small.
What we did do was to cut out most of the canvas at the corners just leaving a tab to wrap around. then instead of using staples to the back of the stretcher frame, we glud the sides of the canvas to the stretcher frame.
The finished product looks good. The only consern is that the glue could pull away.
Dave, I warned you about buying that DOD auction library paste from WWI...

If you used Frank's Adhesive I would sleep easy. Hugh says it lets go after about 50 or so years... so you'll be retired. :D

I just don't think Nori paste would have the hold strength you need on canvas. So the Frank's will be fine.

BTW: Pitch that case of 77 from last century too.