3M's 889 tape availability issue: need substitution


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Jan 28, 2005
Papillion Nebraska
Just tried to order 889 for a project and was told it is discontinued. Is there a another tape that is okay to use? I thought i read something about it but can't find it, makes me thing i imagined the whole thing!


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I don't know how it compares to 889, but 889 is what Jim uses for encapsulation, and 415 is what most conservators use for same purpose.

All the "archival" suppliers carry it, like Light Impressions, Gaylord, Carr-Mclean, Talas. I'd be interested in hearing how the prices compare, though between the 889 and 415, though it's moot right now...

Reflections607, you didn't asy where you heard that, but it is incorrect. The 3M #888 and #889 tapes are still available and 3M has no plans to discontinue them, according to most recent marketing rep to the framing industry. The tapes are not discontinued .

If a distributor has discontinued stocking the tapes, the customer service rep may say just say, "It's discontinued" without the rest of the story.

And I understand that there have been recent changes in 3M's marketing. As I recall, there will no longer be a special staff for the framing industry. Instead, the products will be marketed through their respective product marketing departments, which is the usual way to do it. But that change may have been misconstrued by a distributor.

In any case, here are two phone numbers to call, for assistance in locating a distributor:

Product Support: 1-800-328-6276
3M Helpline: 1-800-3M-HELPS

But first try United, our sponsor.
To address Rebecca's comment, the #415 tape is an older chemistry, but still a good tape, and popular among those who have used it for a long time. #415 has a more aggressive adhesive, at first.

#889 is a better, thinner polyester ribbon with an advanced-chemistry acrylic adhesive. It is repositionable for a short time, and increases bond strength over time.

I especially appreciate the thinner profile of #889.
Thanks for clearing that up, Jim. I was surprised to hear of its supposed discontinuation, as I just received a roll of it in my last United order, and it was packaged in a redesigned box. Why would a company bother to redesign a package and then discontinue it immediately?
Anyway, glad it's still around.
:cool: Rick

P.S.: If there is no longer a special staff for framing, I hope that won't make it more difficult to deal with 3M in the future regarding melted Bumpon issues. They've been pretty responsive up till now.
The 888 has been discontiued but the 889 is still available. United has the 889 in stock