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Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
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This is a very low end machine, but suitable for a secondary POS workstation or to replace an aging machine. You sure can't beat the price!

I do check all brands and would like to post other brands too, but these guys seem to be the only ones giving good deals.


Dell Dimension 2400 Package $320

Intel Celeron 2.4GHz
NO monitor (for optional 17" tube monitor add $50, for 15" LCD flat screen add $160)
Windows XP Home
256 RAM memory (for optional 512 upgrade, add $40)
90 day on site maintenance plan (for optional 1 year add $29, for 2 years add $69)
80GB hard drive (for optional 160GB upgrade, add $40)
CD burner/reader CDRW
Keyboard, mouse, video card, sound card, 10/100 ethernet network card included
No speakers (optional add $20)
No modem (optional add $20)
No floppy (optional add $20)
Free UPS Ground Shipping

Exp 10/19
Gotta find a way to take advantge of this one. with upgrades it would only be $400. I need to spend some money by the end of the year. Thanks for always posting these Mike!
You're welcome!

Heres another: http://www.techbargains.com/jump.cfm?id=9

Dimension 5150 Desktop P4 630 3Ghz 256MB/80GB Serial ATA, CD, 19in e193FP LCD, Standard warranty $599 after $100 rebate. shipped free. $24 handling.