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Jan 1, 1997
Fort Worth, Texas
The Central Texas PPFA Chapter will host this years 3 Stars Over Texas Trade Show and Educational Conference on Saturday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1. I believe it will be held in Austin this year.

Trade Show to be held each day.

The big names in education will be there at a low cost to you.

Carole Saucier
Last night I found out that the event will definitely be held in the city of Austin. Austin will be beautful in May.

Some of the educators are:

Lois Bauby
Don Berkman
Scott Brummitt
Bob Carter
Paula Jackson
William Parker,MCPF
John Ranes
Linda Wassell, MCPF
Brian Wolf
Jo-I must make a shameless plug here. One of the fun things that will happen will be "The Great Texas Shootout".

William Parker and I will square off to discuss our very different views of the industry. As Board members of PPFA,William and I have become knee deep in Market Research programs and wouldn't you know it,we look at the exact same raw data and come up with different interpretations.

And guess what? I think we are both right

And we are both convinced that each is more right than the other. We spent some great time "discussing" our different points of view in Orlando and this will be Round Two.

No matter which side of the argument you come down on, I guarantee you will learn things about the marketplace and business in general. Everytime I speak with my good friend, William, I sure do.

We're taking the gloves off and talking in plain ol' English about two visions and it ought to be a hoot

And for this good ol' boy that grew up in West Texas, it's just another excuse to visit one of my favorite city's. I already made dinner reservations at Bubba's Icehouse in Cedar Park
For those of us who won't be able to make it to Texas for that event, will there be some kind of transcript or recording of your session with William available? Sounds like it will be fascinating and very valuable.
:cool: Rick
Hi Rick-Stick your head out the window about 1pm Sunday-I'm sure you will hear us

I don't know what the 3 Stars people will do, but we'll sure talk about it after the event.

For a sneak preview, William has written a great article for Framing Business News in theupcoming April issue. It will lay out some of the issues we will discuss.

If anyone ever gets the chance to sit down with William and talk a little biz, do it.

The first time I met him was a preview get together in Vegas when I was asked to be on a panel of experts with William, Jay Goltz, Marc Bluestone and Bruce Dale (then President of AaronBros). They had an extra chair and I was walking by and had a suit on and they said "What the heck-you'll do"

The five of us (I didn't know them and vice versa)sat down and got to know one another and had it been taped,could have gone Pay-for-View. The two hours was priceless. Five guys that all did it differently.

Well,this will only be two guys,but we sure do it differently