2006 Official Grumble Competition.

This isn't a topic that would initiate a lot of posts. We were told not to ruin any of the voting integrity, and most have heeded.

50 votes is pretty good, certainly up from last year. And yes, I voted. Many, many thanks to the coordinators, judges, vendors that are supplying GREAT prizes, and, of course, participants. Jobs very well done!
Very good job lance. Thanks for your help. Very subtle on the "place mats" thread!

Sooon I will reveal each contestant and we will discuss them in depth soon.

Carry on.
Ok this is an attempt to clear up any confusion. The scope of this post is much wider than this specific thread. It is to address emails and other posts all over the G. My head is starting to spin from the scattered questions, comments, and concerns that are everywhere except my mail (this is a joke - please don't send me letters).

The voting, like last year, went like this. Each of the categories was judged by JUDGES ONLY. It was my request that we include the Grumble Votes in with the final score (doing away with the popular choice) but that was completely and totally overruled. So if you go to each individual thread, you will see the winner of the category as per the three judges. That should clear that up!

Totally separate from that is the popular choice! This required two separate votes from Grumblers. One selected a popular choice from each category. The second selected the best of the best. That should clear that up.

I apologize as this wasn’t clearly posted in this “Official Rules” thread.

I will host up another thread clearly outlining the winners in the Frame Designs section..

---As a side note---

I’m honored to play my part in keeping this competition alive. It wasn’t fun and was so much more work than I ever dreamed. With every post, I keep hoping this is about over. This is worse than the Duracell bunny, even with the TONS of help I have received (thanks again friends). Even now I don’t see the end in sight.

Angie’s hands are full right now and was unable to advise me much. Because of this, I'm thankful for any grace that is due. This was in many ways the first run. I will try to help who ever takes over next year to avoid some of the problems and make it go as smooth as possible.

Finally, I would like to add that this whole thing has always, to me, been for fun. The purpose here wasn’t to “judge framing”. It’s not about the “best” mat or “best” frame or even receiving prizes. It is about seeing more framing and drawing inspiration and ideas from the entries. I would ask that we all keep that in mind. If we get too legalistic, it will spell certain doom for the whole idea.

People certainly feel strong about this and participation was great. These are all good signs! Please speak up next year if there is any changes you would like to see made for the next competition.
Thanks for all your work, Jay. It is hard to do, and you already have a job!

Each year it will get easier thanks to you and others who help with it.
Jay, what do you need help with? I'll put up a thread of all the winners if that will help.
I am starting to feel really dense because all I can find is the Popular Choice winner.

Could someone please help this old grey Mar find who the judges chose as winners???
Originally posted by Framar:
I am starting to feel really dense because all I can find is the Popular Choice winner.

Could someone please help this old grey Mar find who the judges chose as winners???
Mar, at the end of each topic for the competition's categories in the Picture Frame Design forum, Jay has posted the winners - just click on the category you want to see and scroll down near the end of the posts and you should find the post on the winners. For example, if you wanted to know who won the objects/shadowboxes, then click on the Objects/Shadowboxes topic in the Picture Frame Design forum and scroll to the end of the posts.

I hope that helps.
Thank you very much Karen - I hunted and hunted and never even thought to download all those pages again!

Heck, it took me 5 minutes to find this thread again!

I better get some sleep.

Congratulations, everyone!!! I entered the Chinese Shoe shadow box and something else, but I'll be darned if I am going to download all those pages again, even with DSL! LOL!