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Lance E

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Oct 31, 1999
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Not a fancy one but for those who don't know where to start sometimes this may be handy...

I used the same frame both sides in this example and had larger Econospace on one side than the other - this then allows the econospace to "align" the frames together.

Neo magnets are my favourite item in the workshop, these are 6x4mm discs. Very storng little suckers, and permanent to boot!

Heres some pics (never mind the dust everywhere, thats not normal and I know someone will point it out):






Nice job Lance and a great idea.....consider it stolen!!!

Where do you buy those weeny little magnets?
I suppose they are rare earth magnets!
Well done, Lance and thanks for the various photos to show how you made this frame. I've been meaning to make a double sided frame someday, so this will help me out when I go to do it.

How do you secure the magnets in your sunken holes? Is the hole just big enough for the magnet so it fits tightly in place, or do you use some sort of adhesive?
Nice job - and much larger than any of the 2 sides we've done.

In the US you can get these magnets through Lee Valley - they're very strong and work wonders.

We use them all the time for 2 sided stuff.

Nice job on the framing, Tamer, what'd a photographer guru like yourself do with that graphic?? You got the photos fit on the screen just nicely, but the graphic is all over the place.

You used the protruding screws as registration pins to keep the frames aligned??


I use rare earth magnets on many projects and I secure them with 15 minute epoxy into holes drilled with either Forstner bits or brad point bits depending on the application and size hole needed. If you are simply holding a hinged frame in place on a shadowbox you can also buy matching flat washers for the magnets that will give a more finished look than a bare screw head. All of the needed items can be ordered through Lee Valley Tools as was already noted.

You used the protruding screws as registration pins to keep the frames aligned??

He used the Econospace to register the two frames.

I've got work to do.* I can't spent the day keeping you in line.

Oh, yeh, nice job, Lance.

*Wouldn't you know? "Take Esther to the beach" has appeared back at the top of my to-do list.
Yeah, OK Ron, I'll buy that reasoning. I just re-read the post and see how he did that.

But I still don't understand why Lance would countersink the magnets 2mm and leave the screw heads 2mm out if not to cause them to enter into the magnet holes or "register" the frame position each time it is assembled???

Normally it isn't necessary to do that if the frames fit together in a consistent match by other means. All the hinged doors I have mated to shadowboxes were matched up flush with magnets and washers to help hold the doors closed.

Just curious.

Lance, put that goldfish away and help us out here!!!

Well, everything really helps to keep it aligned, call it overdose if you will but the Econospace* does the majority of it.

I like to have the screws protuding a little as it helps if you need to "pull" the frame together a little more by sinking it a bit deeper. The magnets as discs have a slightly conical shape and the narrow goes to the bottom into hot glue which works very well, I also have the hole very firm fitting and thump them into place with a hammer and large punch.

* Does anyone else remove the "EC" from the packages making it into "Onospace" (oh-no-space)?
I have resized the diagram image to fit onto Framguy's monitor...

Ormond, I had a kwik look for you, it appears that a good source would be:

http://www.magnet.au.com (this link will take you right to the neo discs page)
Originally posted by Lance E:
I have resized the diagram image to fit onto Framguy's monitor...

Thanks Kiwi, I gotta get something bigger than this old 10" monitor one of these days.

Correct Baer, in the photo the hanging wire is wrapped on kwikly for the shot (and is only a short scrap...). In the end is is Soft-Strand tied in a fairly "itsy" Bowline knot and hooped over the screw.
Thanks, Lance and Framerguy for explaining how you secure the magnets in their holes. I've seen the rare earth magnets/flat washers in the Lee Valley Tools catalogue and must purchase some the next time I go to their store. (I'm fortunate to have a Lee Valley Tools store only 10 mins away, which I visit frequently

You have a Lee Valley in your area???

Man!!! I would trade all the Walley Worlds in a 2 county area for a Lee Valley that I could shop whenever I needed anything!!

You are a very VERY lucky gal!

I am so LUCKY! Lee Valley Tools opened a store in Halifax, N.S. about 7 years ago - before that, the closest one was in Ottawa. My husband has never forgiven a friend of ours for introducing me to the Lee Valley Tools catalogue years ago - it is one of my favourite stores :D

Too bad they didn't have a frequent customer discount card ;)