1gb USB Flash Drive $20.99

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Jun 25, 2002
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Great to use as part of your POS's daily backup routine:

newegg has the PNY 1GB Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive for a low $20.99 after $5 rebate. 1gb link
$4.81 3 day shipping. Tax in CA, NJ, PR, TN.

newegg has the 2GB for $37.99 after rebate 2gb link
Free 3 day shipping. Tax in CA, NJ, PR, TN.

Rebate form (1 per address) rebate link

Staples also has a 256mb flash drive on sale this week for $19.98 each (no rebate, no limits) 256mb link
This size will be more than sufficient for most pos systems.

Here's a link for an additional 12% off at any Staples store this week only link 12% off Staples

Note that you'll probably want 6 or 7 of these(depending on how many days of the week your shop is open), for your backup rotation.

Happy Shopping
Is there a way to tell whether this 1GB device a flash disk, or a mini hard drive? Their description doesn't make it clear. I had one of those mini drives once; it was about 50% less money than a typical flash disk, but it was quite fragile and failed after a short time.

If this is a solid state device, it's a really good price.
It is indeed a solid state device. They have them available now up to 8gb.

It's a flash drive. Flash is solid state memory. If you look at the thing you can see it's a "thumbnail" style drive. I don't think anyone makes mini-disks in that form factor. If you look at the comments, though, it may give you pause. Apparently the cheap plastic housing is not very robust.
I love Newegg, buy almost exclusively from them.

I bought one of my USBs drives from them a few months ago. It is a good idea to have 2, by the way.

Please backup! It really could mean lots of heartache, and could do a number on your business if you lose your data and have no backup.

I copy the whole LifeSaver folder to my USB drive, beside the regular backup.

In an emergency you could run LifeSaver from your USB drive!
Thanks Mike,

Just ordered one.

Itunes won't load onto my old computer where I have a lot of music and the pc doesn't have a network card and I didn't feel like getting one for just one use.

Now I can use this to transfer music to my new pc for my ipod and then for the shop as backup.

Thanks, the deals you find really help us.
Thanks Mike! This is exactly what I've been looking for the last few weeks. Bought one this morning!
Ordered it yesterday and GOT IT TODAY!!!

Works great and is much faster than burning to a disk.

Thanks again Mike.
Forgot to mention it also comes with a usb cable and lanyard (tether/keychain thing).
Here's another good deal for these, limit 1 rebate per address. Free shipping. Expires Sunday

Buy.com has the Verbatim 512MB Store 'n' Go USB Flash Drive for a low $12.99 after rebate. Free shipping. Tax in CA, MA, MD, TN.
$10 rebate Exp 4/30/06