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United mfrg has a manual sander for $536 and an electric one for $446.

Obviously the delta sander is MUCH more powerfull and you could easily sand off too much moulding.

But if used carefully doesn't the delta sander seem like a much better deal?

I have never used a sander so I may be missing something entirely.

Thanks! Rolland
Originally posted by rolland_elliott:
I have never used a sander so I may be missing something entirely.
Yes, control. There is a reason the manual sander is pricy, it's worth it.

You just dont have near as much control over how much material is being removed and the fence is not nearly as acurate with that electric sander as the manual one.

Just imagine if you HAD to sand the miters of a fillet juuuuust a little bit, which of the two would you want to use?
Originally posted by rolland_elliott:

Obviously the delta sander is MUCH more powerfull and you could easily sand off too much moulding.
Yep, that sander will take 1/4" off of a 2x4 in no time at all so you have to be really really careful. It is almost inevitable that you will take too much material off.

The mitre sanders also come with an adjustable guide fence that can be fine tuned. You would have to devise something similar in function.

United also has a clone of the ITW-Amp sander for about half the price of a new one. If you search the forums, you should be able to find a few threads discussing it. I have one and it works well though I had to tweak it a bit.
I have a Jet 12 inch electric disk sander and have no problems with it. It was much cheaper and I can use it for other things if I wish. When I have just a slight bit to take off, I turn the wheel by hand and it does the same thing as the expensive unit. At least for me it does. I've been using it for years this way. The only thing you will need to do is make you a 45 degree triangle out of wood and that fits the groove so you can sand either way accurately. It took two tries for me to get one that was good in both directions. I'm sure the United one is good also. I guess it depends on how good you are making a jig for the angle and how much money you want to spend.

I am with Rock here, we have been using an electric for 6-7 years and no problems
I used a Barton electric sander for several years. I was happy with the purchase and happy with United, my supplier.

However, I no longer use it. Why?

I bought a really high quality saw (Ledsome) and no longer need it.

If you are using a miter sander on an ongoing basis, maybe you should look at your cutting equipment.
One of the things I have learned, after over fourty years in this industry, or perhaps it's just finally sunk in, is........SPEND THE MONEY.... get the proper tools that are designed for us.

Spend the money on good blades, sanders, saws, CMCs, whatever.

It is rare that you will ever regret getting the best.

The good ones will end up saving you a heck of a lot more money, in the long run, than you will ever save by purchasing the lesser item.

I have noticed that folks in our industry seem to take the same glee in buying junk as our customers do when they shop at Michaels.

Just an observation.

I guess if it was my full time profession I would get the best, but it is just something I do on the side for my photography business right now. Thanks everyone for the tips.

Peace Rolland
I find I need to use my miter sander on the chops that I order, not on the chops I cut on my Pistorius. Not all of them but a couple of companies are consistantly off and need to be sanded.
" If its worth doing, the it's worth doing it right"
Doesn't matter if your only doing it part time or full time. A job is a job and either way it carries your name. Buy only the Best. Course knowing which one is the best is another job all by itself. Everyone out there claims they are the best.
I turn my electric sander by hand whenever needed.