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11 foot frame


True Grumbler
Oct 17, 2005
A client is coming in this week to look at frames. He has a painting on canvas that is 6' x 11'. He wants it reframed. It hangs from the canvas stretchers that are quite substantial, so hanging is not an issue. Any idea where to go for 11' moldings? How much of a problem is this going to be?

First the 5' x 6' map, then the horse's tail, then the 100 year old christening gown and now an 11' foot painting! This sure isn't a boring business...every day a new challenge walks in the door! Oh..did I mention the 25 golf flags that we are sew mounting and framing with spacers?

Jacqueline Sullivan
Artful Framer
Clarkston, Michigan
Find a local cabinet- or millwork-shop that can mill a simple profile for you. Barring that, we could make mouldings 11-12', but shipping by common carrier will add significantly to the cost.
Most prefinished moulding is limited to 3 meters or 10'. If you are considering finishing it yourself, there are other avenues open to you, but as David pointed out, the cost of shipping the raw material is prohibitive.
If you have an open budget, there are any number of frame fabricators that would be happy to make a custom frame for your customer.

I guess the first question is, what style of frame are you considering?
Just to add to David's post; Garrett also mills 12' and 16' regularly..... but the shipping from Georgia will kill your deal. Get a local to run the moulding.

If the cabinet shop it good enough they can maybe build the frame and put running splines in the corners.

But if the painting is a Titan or Gainsbourough... all bets are off.
I have gone to the local trim moulding dealers and stacked different trims to make a moulding that was over 10' then finished it after the frame was joined.

PS Make sure you can get it out of your shop and into his home after it is framed. The framed size will be larger. We had one job that had to be assembled in the clients living room because it wouldn't go thru his doors.