1-acrylic guitar case 2-frame repair


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
This is my week for hitting the wall....

1-I need a source for a waist high, free standing(wall mount will NOT do!!), acrylic guitar case, large enough for a full sized(normal shaped) electric guitar(gotten from an Alabama farewell tour). Anyone know of anyplace doing such a thing???

2-I have a customer with an early 1900's fancy guilt frame that has been damaged in both upper corners(top piece of frame is seperated for the 'U' on both sides) and part of a cormer rabit is missing...does enyone know of someone in/around Florida that gets into this heavy type repair??? Dont think they'd go for shipping it to ends of the earth....

Thanks all.
1) Gemini Showcase Acrylic (800) 323-3575 should have what you need. They are located here in the Chicago area, but if you don't find a closer supplier, they do good work.

2) I don't know

For the frame repair, I haven't got a clue for someone local to you. If they don't mind shipping to New York, there are quite a few shops that do fine repair of antique frames. APF/Munn has done very good work for me in the past. The problem with frame repair though is that it quite often costs more than the purchase of a whole new frame.
I'd like to second Kevin's nomination of Showcase Acrylic for the guitar box.

They have a mounted, enclosed guitar on display in their showroom, which is often taken to trade shows. That one is designed so the box may be opened & the guitar taken out for use. It hangs, but they could certainly build a free-standing enclosure for you.

For the frame repair, we have an excellent builder/restorer of gilded frames here in Columbus. But in Florida, you're on your own.
For frame restoration/repair, seems to me that Jakob-Sansbury conservation is in FL somewhere but I can't seem to get their web site up right now. Or just try looking up (googling) John Sansbury. You could also get referal through www.societyofgilders.org