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Vermont Hardwoods solid wood picture frame molding
  1. J

    UK business looking for Art & Framing Distributors

    Good day to you all. May I introduce myself as the former Sales Director of Larson Juhl UK. Whilst seeking new employment, I am acting as an agent for a UK tech business, who have a globally patented product designed for the art and framing industry. My knowledge of the U.S.A. and Canada...
  2. Matthew Hale

    Searching For HD stretcher bars in standard sizes

    We order our custom bars from Foster, but for standard sizes we shop @ Blick and pay retail prices. I feel bad marking up on top of retail prices but can't seem to find a wholesaler who sells HD stretcher bars. Is there anyone out there that I'm missing?
  3. F

    Wholesale Mirror, west coast

    any idea where to order wholesale mirrors? not beveled? something I can cut to a given size? I get most everything from framers inventory, and I think they're fantastic, however they only do beveled.
  4. FramerKat

    **** RANT! ****

    Can I have a little rant here...because I need to. Just to preface, I and my partner own a new shop in South Florida. We are currently shopping mirror companies to purchase custom beveled mirrors for our clients on a wholesale level. I've contacted not one, but two of the wholesalers that I've...
  5. F

    Question Best place for whole ready made frames ABOVE 18x24?

    I used to get these hard oak frames in different colors, and a range of other ready made frames at sizes like 24x36, 32x40, stuff like that, but I don't remember the company name, and right now the place i get ready made frames from is fine, (pacific frame source) but they can only go up to...
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