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wall cutter

Vermont Hardwoods solid wood picture frame molding
  1. A

    For Sale: Fletcher 3100 glass and backing/mat cutter

    Fletcher-Terry Co. Model #F3100A-1/99. Cuts glass, plexi, mat, foam core. Cuts square and precise. In great working order. Mounts to wall. Can cut oversized pieces. $750.00. Buyer must come retrieve.
  2. Artist Trait

    For Sale: Various Framing Supplies for Sale

    For Sale: Keencut Oval 6 cutter $195 Age: Bought it back in early 2000's but never used it. See Photos for details. Condition: is brand new https://pix.sfly.com/8b7GWr [/IMG] For Sale: Vacuum Press $85 Condition: Old but still works. Inside is good, no cuts or tears. See Photos...
  3. F

    $1100 or B/O Speedmat Wallmounted 40x60 Manual material cutter

    FOR SALE: Esterly Speedmat 40x60 wall mounted manual materials cutter Cut Glass, Mats, Foamcore, cardboard Good working condition Includes: oval/circle carriage and rectangular carriage, two sizer cutter heads and numerous other replacement parts. Asking $1100 or b/o Shipping extra or you...
  4. WFG Frame Girl

    WTB: Multi Purpose Wall Mounted Cutter

    I'm looking for a wall mounted cutter (glass/plexi/mat/foam). Willing to pick up if within reasonable driving distance of Woodstock, NY.
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