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  1. Matthew Hale

    Searching For vintage photo mat

    Does anyone sell these things anymore? Or - have any of you managed to make a reasonable facsimile thereof? I think i could pull something off with the debossing tool on my Wizard but i thought i'd pick the Grumbles collective brain first.
  2. L

    Help Mounting question - vintage Star Wars poster

    Hi All :) I'm hoping to get opinion on the best way to mount a vintage poster that the customer does not want permanently mounted to the backer board and does not want a mat on the poster. 1/ How can I hinge the poster if the mount board is the same size as the poster? Can't figure out a way...
  3. FramerKat

    So I found this a while back at a thrift store...

    It's an antique hand tinted photograph. It caught my eye because I've never seen anything nature photography wise from this era. It is a fiber based photographic print behind the wavy old glass with a funky textured brown/bronze frame. I had opened it up previously to put in acid free backing...
  4. justawhitemat

    Opinions Wanted One man's trash...

    They've been cleaning out the upstairs of the old building next door, a former movie theater from the 40s that now houses my workshop, and this bin of ~vintage~ trash was placed on my table today. Not gonna lie, I save bottles for their design and I may have a binder at home full of my favorite...
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