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Springlock by Craft Inc
  1. M

    Problem Esterly Speed-mat Sizer bar problem

    Does anyone who has a Speed-mat have this problem and if so, how did you fix it? I just bought a used Esterly Speed-mat 3240. The sizer bar bar is bowed outwards in the middle by about ⅛" causing me not to be able to make cuts correctly. The cuts at the top and bottom go through but the cut in...
  2. Iowa Framer

    Esterly Speed-Mat

    Any recommendations for or against my very small frame business buying a new Esterly 4060? Is Speed-Mat still in business? Good to do business with? I figure it will pay for itsel in 2 or 3 years. Thanks for any help. I've looked for a used one and they are rare and far distant.
  3. I

    For Sale: AMP Mite Mitre VN 4L and Esterly 4060 Mat Cutter

    Hello, I've got a few items for sale in the Kansas City area. Please email or call Michael at: imphotoco@gmail.com / 510-833-0856 Thanks! * ESTERLY 4060 Mat Cutter Used - Great Condition - $1500 OBO The Esterly 4060 cuts almost everything, paper, glass, plexiglass, composites... *Upgrade...
  4. F

    $1100 or B/O Speedmat Wallmounted 40x60 Manual material cutter

    FOR SALE: Esterly Speedmat 40x60 wall mounted manual materials cutter Cut Glass, Mats, Foamcore, cardboard Good working condition Includes: oval/circle carriage and rectangular carriage, two sizer cutter heads and numerous other replacement parts. Asking $1100 or b/o Shipping extra or you...
  5. njw1224

    Are Speed-Mat cutters as good as say, a Fletcher 2200?

    I know the Speed-Mat manual mat cutters, like the Esterly Standard, are made to be faster than a typical manual mat cutter. But other than speed, I don't know much else about their benefits or drawbacks. Are they as good at doing everything that a great cutter like the Fletcher 2200 does, or do...
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