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  1. lemony

    future mat designer software problem

    have ver 4.3.2 future mat designer software. Does not let me cut mats, always comes up with terminate cut cycle when I press cut command. Any ideas how I can fix this? thanks
  2. ArtMechanics

    Frame Ready Lite

    Hi, I'm about to (finally) get some framing software and have some questions on how/if you use Frame Ready Lite. The full version is out of my price range at the moment, but the lite version does not create invoices, or allow any way to post payments to an order. I've thought about generating...
  3. D

    Wizard CMC 8000 Software Problems

    Software version I plot a complicated multi opening mat and the cut screen is either blank or shows a few lines. I erase some saved mats to make room, and it sometimes works. Frustrating. My computer is several years old and my hubby is building me a new one. Wizard is sending...
  4. Andrew Lenz Jr.

    Global variable in any framing software?

    Are there any global variables that can be set in any of the framing packages? I know FrameReady doesn't have it. For instance, you could set a value in the program, say, AverageStaffHourlyPay. Then you could reference that variable in pricing formulas that are dependent significantly on labor...
  5. NewHopePhoto

    Which order entry software to buy?

    I'm looking to purchase software to input and price framing orders and create job tickets, etc. I do not need POS, as I already have a POS system in the shop with credit card processing. I have a Wizard Mat Cutter. I've been looking at LifeSaver, SpecialtySoft and Wizard. I appreciate any...
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