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Beauty, Brawn, and Brains: Wizard Z1 CMC
  1. MnSue

    Question coroplast sheets

    I want to use 2 coroplast sheets in a large shadowbox (40x40), and will cross grain them for added support. what glue/adhesive do I use to bond them together? The top coroplast sheet will also have a fabric covered mat board attached to it - so will the same adhesive be appropriate for "paper"...
  2. AaronF

    Question How do you secure your acrylic glazing on XL pieces?

    I've got a 38" X 38" piece of acrylic I am looking to secure into a removable "top" frame on a shadowbox. How do you secure your glazing in these situations? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  3. MollyB.

    shadowbox hanging inquiry

    I haven't been here in ages, but have been searching for some advice... I am framing one of those scratch-off maps and the customer wanted glass, but a way to get into it after traveling so he could scratch off another place then close it back up. I've done metal hinges before and don't really...
  4. Matthew Hale

    Searching For custom shadowboxes for sports jerseys...

    inline ovals used to make a few styles, but I've been informed they no longer do that. Anyone know of anyone else who can do that?
  5. JohnDon

    Question Securing Screws on a Metal Object (shadowbox)

    I am framing a surgical medical bracket that was used to help fuse a broken bone in an arm. It has several screws that fit in holes in the bracket. Only a few of the screws thread and can be secured in place, the other screws all sit loose in the bracket and will jiggle and fall out. My...

    Military redo

    We did the first one for this Soldier in 1982. His son just brought it back in 35 years later. His Father had passed away. He wanted to add one additional medal, an oak leaf on the Presidential citation ribbon and a spent cartridge for his Fathers funeral ceremony. I actually remember doing...
  7. Matthew Hale

    Help mounting an LP

    Anyone out there in Grumble-land have any good suggestions for an archival method of mounting an LP so that the vinyl protrudes partway from the case? I'd like to have enough of the record peeking out to show that it's not just an empty sleeve, but may not have enough room to pull it out far...
  8. FramerKat

    Really big scissors that I need to mount...

    Hey all, I have been enlisted to do a job for someone I do business with. I need to mount one of those huge pairs of scissors from a ribbon cutting ceremony. They're about 24" long and have a substantial amount of weight to them. I was thinking either the bent rod method or mylar strips...any...

    Football jersey

    did this a while back cannot remember if I had posted it Top mat blk suede big 40x57
  10. justawhitemat

    Miltary Shadowbox

    This was my first time creating a shadowbox by myself with this many different elements, I think it turned out pretty well. Used Max Moulding shadowbox frame, Nelson's Moulding star fillet for photos inside, and Bainbridge 4113 OS mat for back and rabbet. I extended out the back with painted...
  11. justawhitemat

    Help Army Shadowbox

    Framing a Dress unifom Army jacket from the 60s. Customer also has an 8 x 10 photo and pins (see below) that I plan to mount to their own mats and use matching fillet. My main concerns are: 1. Proper order/layout in which to mount medals? Most are unlabeled and I expect I'll have to do some...
  12. justawhitemat

    Opinions Wanted One man's trash...

    They've been cleaning out the upstairs of the old building next door, a former movie theater from the 40s that now houses my workshop, and this bin of ~vintage~ trash was placed on my table today. Not gonna lie, I save bottles for their design and I may have a binder at home full of my favorite...
  13. M

    Shadowboxing a butterfly

    How do you properly single pin a butterfly so it is floating in the air space inside a 2"shadow box?
Airpag Corner, packing solution for frame shipping