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  1. JohnDon

    Question Securing Screws on a Metal Object (shadowbox)

    I am framing a surgical medical bracket that was used to help fuse a broken bone in an arm. It has several screws that fit in holes in the bracket. Only a few of the screws thread and can be secured in place, the other screws all sit loose in the bracket and will jiggle and fall out. My...
  2. Matthew Hale

    The hits just keep on coming...

    3 down, 58 to go...

    Another Ohio State

    The items on the bottom are vinyl

    Ohio State Fan

    Any Ohio State fans
  5. Matthew Hale

    Opinions Wanted the first of many...

    this is #1 of about 60 of these I'll be doing over the next several months. I'd appreciate any constructive criticism or general opinions my fellow Grumblers might have to offer.
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