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Vermont Hardwoods solid wood picture frame molding
  1. Pointe Claire Framer

    CMC advice needed

    Hi All, New to this board - back to picture framing after a 20 year hiatus. Nutshell: hired part time to take over production at a small art store / frame shop. All frames are chop service or joined frames from Larson or a similar local supplier. Everything else is by hand - old 40" Fletcher...
  2. L

    Omega chopped. Corners going together

    Hi guys! I have been trying for months to dial in my chop saw to get perfect corners. Gave up and decided to order two chopped frames from Omega to see how perfect the frames would go together. What am I doing wrong? One frame doesn't sit flat and the other has imperfect corners. Not happy...
Hoffmann Dovetail Joining System