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High quality easel backs from craft inc
  1. efglez

    SOLD Equipment for sale in Portland oregon

    Our shop is closed and we are retiring. We have a few things for sale. (7/1/2020) $3000 / Pistorious Double miter saw with dust collector $350 / Morzo Chopper with 2 sets of blades on rollers. $4000 VACUSEAL 4468 Mounting Press with the original metal base/ Hot and Cold / with extra...
  2. Larry Peterson

    Framing Equipment Manuals Library 2020-06-23

    A nice library of framing equipment manuals, thanks to Larry Peterson of The Paper Framer. Many of the companies are out of business, but the equipment keeps going strong. If you have any new equipment manuals to contribute, please post info in the discussion area and Larry will add it to...
  3. K

    Pistorious MN 200 troubles

    Hello everyone! I have an older model Pistorious MN 200 double mitre saw. Today my blades decided to no longer return to their home position when I release the foot pedal. As you all know this makes cutting moulding quite difficult. Any ideas on where to start? Have checked the air lines...
dedicated floater frame clamp