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  1. Joe_Art

    For Sale: 90s Life - Abstract Paintings

    Hi Friends, if you play this game definetly you wil be 90's kids from india. In India we used to play with old tyres. we even conduct Races & Rages. This paintings from my friend Subash Chandra Share your Childhood Experience you with me. If you like to purchase this painting...
  2. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Mother Love - Valentines day Perfect gift

    When mother hears him named 'fulfill'd of wisdom's lore,' Far greater joy she feels, than when her son she bore. - Valluvar To buy this Paintings visit https://bit.ly/2I5Zv6Q
  3. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Musician Flute - Abstract Painitng

    "To the Melody of your flute, I shall Traverse all Infinities" - Mocking Soul "The Musician Flute" a mesmerizing artwork by our artist Rojalawrence To buy this paininting visit https://bit.ly/2SAlCX9
  4. Joe_Art

    Free Offer: Traditional women Painting

    In Indian Art Zone you can customize your artwork size as per your need. To buy this painiting "Traditional Women" Visit https://bit.ly/2TrqESN
  5. Joe_Art

    For Sale: Charminar

    #charminar Mesmerizing #Artwork by Somnath Portrait the Icon of #Hyderabad To buy this paintings visit https://bit.ly/2SYdc8Q
  6. Joe_Art

    For Sale: Christmas sale

    May the Joy this season brings... Fill your Hearts & Walls with Indian Art Zone. "The Samudhra" Excellent Artwork by artist Mishra Christmas Sale!! Upto 10% Offer!! for New Paintings with Free Shipping!!
  7. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Lotus - Oil painting

    #BelieveItisPainting Be like a lotus. Let the beauty of your heart speak. "Lotus" a Realistic Oil Painting by the artist Jai Ganesh. To buy this paintings visit Indianartzone.com
  8. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Machine - Abstract Painting

    History is Remembered by Its Arts, Not its War Machines - James Rosenquist "The Machine" a Abstract Paintings from Nikhil purely Replicate the JR words in his Artwork To buy this Artwork visit https://bit.ly/2EgFSGA
  9. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Light

    Celebrating Varanasi!! A place with every drop of water is #Ganga and every single Action is #Prayer. Varanasi a Land of #Love & Celeberation. The "Varan's Light" by kanna portrait the #Varanasi's #Celeberation in his #Artwork To Buy this Painting visit https://bit.ly/2QujGhZ
  10. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Rain

    "A strong woman accepts both compliments & criticism graciously, knowing that it takes both sun & Rain for a flower to grow" - Mandy Hale "The Rain" a Mesmerizing MasterPiece from Gauthami Mishra To buy this paintings visit https://bit.ly/2rgReSk
  11. Joe_Art

    Praise Celeberating 400 years of Murillo!!

    Celeberating 400 years of Murillo!! "Murillo was favored by Heaven not only in the eminence of his ability but also in his natural endowments." - Antonio Palomino Bartolomé Esteban Murillo was a Spanish Baroque painter. Murillo achieved a balance between reality and spirituality in his...
  12. Joe_Art

    Opinions Wanted Which is your favourite?

    Which is Your Favourite? Unity in diversity is the Art of thinking Independently Together. It is strength of India We present Some Indian celebration in Paintings. Both are look awesome. Comment your favourite on this paintings. https://www.indianartzone.com
  13. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Deer Artwork

    A house doesn't seem finished without some wonderful art. The Deer - Acrylic Painting by JD Artist. To Buy this Painting at 10% Discount https://bit.ly/2P4LSTw
  14. Joe_Art

    Happy International Men's day

    Great Hope Make Great Men... Happy International Men's Day.... Believe me this is original canvas paintings. You can Buy this Paintings at Indian art zone
  15. Joe_Art

    Suggestion Indian Art zone is really good Place to buy Customised Paintings with frame.

    IndianArtzone.com was one of the Trusted Online Art Gallery with World Wide free Shipping. It have more than 1000 Artworks with various size and shapes. We also offer custom paintings As per Customers need. Our Headquarter is in Coimbatore which we Shipping More than 160 countries all over the...
  16. alacrity8

    Unfinished wood and Milk Paint

    Does anyone here have experience with Milk Paint? I have a customer who likes to paint their own frames with Milk Paint. When they first came to me they had not told me that they were planning on painting their frames. They had asked about Pine frames. They also asked about light colored...
  17. W

    Need help making hand-painted (or sprayed), black-satin finish

    I'm looking to replicate a smooth, black finish that i've seen on Many high-end moulding, and low end as well. These are the frames in particular --- Roma 8546 (The edge) and Roma 10771000. I've seen these finishes done by nearly every manufacturer but I don't know exactly how they do it. My...
  18. FramerKat

    Searching For Source of large abstract originals and giclees

    Our South Florida crowd is nutty for abstracts these days...and mostly BIG ones at that. We are looking for sources of originals and giclee reproductions to market in our location. Any artist/company that might have a printed catalog/samples would be optimal, as we can't afford to carry much...
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