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  1. Rick

    Off brand underpinner for purchase

    Hi Folks, I am trying to get my feet wet in this business and looking for all my options before any major purchase. I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts about this unit, good or bad, I am just a startup and lets say I make 2 frames a day on average. Is this company loved here or...
  2. Steve S

    New Fabrics From Peterboro!

    Hey Grumblers! Peterboro wont be releasing the 35 new fabrics until next week at the WCAF show, but here is a sneak peek! Can't wait to see everyone in Vegas. Enjoy! - Steve
  3. Steve S

    New Colors From Peterboro

    Hey everyone! As of today we have just launched our 8 new colors in Conservation & Whitecore. One of the 8 colors is a white with a deep canvas emboss, which is suitable for digital printing on its 100% cotton surface. You can request your no-charge sample sets online at...
  4. Randyman

    Turn your small sized mat dropouts into CA$H

    Convert your 8x10" mat dropouts/ fall outs into "Collectible CA$H" with our hand signed mini prints by artist Randy Souders. We have a large selection of small, hand signed 5x7" (image size + borders)* mini prints featuring Victorian houses, rural & small town Americana (general store, gas...
FrameReady Special Offer - Call 888-281-2202