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  1. P

    For Sale: Drytac JM44 Cold Roll Laminator

    Gently used Drytac JM44 Cold roll 44 inch laminator used to face mount images to acrylic or general photographic mounting. Only used in the production of my own work and not in a commercial environment. Has also been modified to run backwards as well as forward. I will also include over half a...
  2. T

    Mounting an original art work that's made of thick recycled paper

    Kia Ora all, My first post from down here in NZ :) I'm trying to archivally mount an original piece of art that has been printed on a very thick and fibrous recycled paper. I set out trying to do a T-hinge with gummed paper tape but the adhesive on the tape isn't sticking to the paper. Can...
  3. innerframer

    Mounting tie clip

    Hi All, I am putting together a commemorative shadowbox for a retiring police officer and am stumped as to how I'm going to mount the tie clip. The trouble is that the clip on the back is pretty big and part of the mechanism is wider than the front. Ideally I would like to mount it on a...
  4. luna

    Opinions Wanted Mounting works on paper over canvas/linen?

    Hello Grumblers, I'm hoping that some of you can help me troubleshoot some projects that all of a sudden seem to be multiplying. My partner and I have a shop and we primarily make painting supports - canvases, stretchers, panels, etc. We also frame paintings, make crates, and do a little...
  5. Y

    Request: Laminator Reviews

    Hello, I'm in the market for a 48"+ laminator for mounting digital prints, posters, and other misc art. I'm mainly interested in up to date user experiences from the community about specific brands and models (i.e. Seal, Coda, Drytac, etc.). I run a frame shop in Philadelphia, PA and we...
  6. P

    Problem Remove Adhesive Stains From Jersey?

    I'm in a pickle. I'm framing several signed jerseys for a client, and was given one in particular that had already been mounted by a different frame shop. I do my stretching and my sleeves a certain way, and the client wanted them all to match, so he gave me this one to re-mount and put back in...
  7. M

    Help in NY State needed.. framing and laminating/mounting

    Hi all from UK I am currently living in London and exhibiting in NY area in 6 weeks time. I am debating whether to ship my artwork or ship my art rolled up and complete it there with the help of some local help... I am both an artist and a picture framer and have all the usual picture framing...
  8. ArtMechanics

    Cutting Dibond

    I have a mounting job on Dibond and would like some advice on cutting and mounting. What is the best way to cut Dibond? Has anyone had a problem using Fusion on Dibond?
  9. ArtMechanics

    MDF in Vacuseal?

    I keep forgetting the max thickness for mounting mdf in the Vacuseal. I always seem to find a way around mdf and use something else. I've got a job coming up where I'll need to mount some things on either plywood or mdf. I don't want to damage my press.. I've been looking around for info on...
  10. JohnDon

    Question Securing Screws on a Metal Object (shadowbox)

    I am framing a surgical medical bracket that was used to help fuse a broken bone in an arm. It has several screws that fit in holes in the bracket. Only a few of the screws thread and can be secured in place, the other screws all sit loose in the bracket and will jiggle and fall out. My...
  11. FrameOfMind

    Mounting Press: Even Heating

    Hello all, I currently use a VacuSeal 4366m-hs vacuum heat press by Seal products. It gets the job done nicely, but I do experience trouble with heating. Most the time I will have to restart the press a few times to get it start heating. Once it does the heat is extremely uneven. I will set it...
  12. L

    Help Mounting question - vintage Star Wars poster

    Hi All :) I'm hoping to get opinion on the best way to mount a vintage poster that the customer does not want permanently mounted to the backer board and does not want a mat on the poster. 1/ How can I hinge the poster if the mount board is the same size as the poster? Can't figure out a way...
  13. T

    Question How to mount a drumhead?

    I have framed string instruments before where I could sew them down but this is my first drumhead. I read in an archive post, someone tension mounted the drumhead with foamcore board cut to fit inside, then ATG'd the foamboard to top mount it. I am looking to see if that indeed is the best...
  14. D

    Permanent Post-it style mounting

    I Have been trying to figure out a way to selectively mount a portion of a print, say like a giant post-it, but permanent. The idea being that the edges of the print are exposed and not matted, the print is mounted to a backerboard, but only from the top or a side or some portion of the print...
  15. justawhitemat

    Alternative Mounting Option?

    I mounted this using wheat paste/mulberry hinges all around (I think 3 on top and bottom and two on sides?) in early July and the customer just called to say it is slipping. I am wondering if I did something wrong in mounting it, or should I try a different method? The print itself is so old...
  16. justawhitemat

    Question DCO mounting

    What backing board would one use for Direct Contact Overlay mounting? Artwork is probably around 3-4 pounds. I am using a black linen matboard behind the 36" x 50" woven/macrame art being framed, is 3/16" foamboard is enough stability behind that?
  17. FramerKat

    Really big scissors that I need to mount...

    Hey all, I have been enlisted to do a job for someone I do business with. I need to mount one of those huge pairs of scissors from a ribbon cutting ceremony. They're about 24" long and have a substantial amount of weight to them. I was thinking either the bent rod method or mylar strips...any...
  18. FramerKat

    Is Fusion mounting material still a viable alternative?

    I recall using Fusion (4000?) years ago, but wasn't sure if it was still a viable choice for mounting. I was thinking that it would be good to have in the shop for mounting things like newspaper to black board and possibly laminating boards together to create 8 ply in house. I'm also looking...
  19. justawhitemat

    Reversible Drymount Board

    I am having a lot of bad luck with mounting anything other than regular ol' white Kool-Tack. And that's not something I even consider using on a lot of items I frame. Trying to decide which board I should really setlle on, considering I've had bad luck with both Kool Tack and Bainbridge. If...
  20. justawhitemat

    Help "Puff Needlepoint" Mounting?

    Had a new customer place a good $$ order for framing a watercolor today (yay!). She mentioned that she does detailed needlepoint work, and has a few she wants to bring in for framing. She said something about "puffed/puff" needlepoint framing, to which I responded that I could use cotton batting...
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