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Airpag Corner, packing solution for frame shipping
  1. Freyajanine

    Opinions Wanted Jyden Guillotine Measuring System Help!

    Can someone help me better understand the measuring system for the Jyden Dan-Clip Guillotine?? I've read the Jyden manual that shows how to measure the inner, rebate and outer measurements. My problem is I don't have all the engraved strokes that the manual is referring to on my measuring scale...
  2. M

    Morso cutting; Rookie

    When i cut my molding with a Morso (Blades are new) outside of the molding corner crumble looks like garbage. What is it that im doing wrong ? are the fences off? or do i need to change the blades ?
  3. P

    Morso BA or BAP Mitring Machine - WTB

    We're looking to purchase a new or used Morso Mitring Machine to cut liners and fillets. We are open to other equipment and brands. Prefer Pneumatic but manual is fine. Space is limited so smaller table top machinery is preferred. Contact: Key or Phillip at (407) 408-1778
  4. A

    Morso blade question.

    I bought an old Morso 8900 that came with two sets of blades. I have been exploring their dimensions using a granite surface plate feeler gauges and a dial indicator. I was puzzled to find the back side of the blade (the flat part that you are told not to touch other than burr removal) was quite...
  5. W

    For sale: Morso Chopper, Savannah Ga

    Selling my foot operated Morso Chopper in great working condition. Comes with a spare set of blades. $800. 912-617-5341
  6. ryantischerphoto

    Advice? Might get a Morso EH (electric/hydrolic)

    I'm thinking about getting a Morso EH, the electric & hydrolic model that's fully automated. Does anyone have experience with this model? Any advice on what to look for before buying a used model? Since I started making my own frames in 2009 I've used a chop saw w/ measuring fence set-up, which...
  7. A

    Need Morso chopper

    My morso chopper has gotten old ad is on its last breath. Anybody selling one? 703-299-0100 Thanks Rick
  8. C

    For Sale: Prints plus equipment

    My husband and I bought out a Prints Plus when they closed and reopened as our own shop. We ran it for 5 years and closed down due to the nature of running a frame shop in a mall (don't do it!!). Anyway, the equipment has been sitting in storage for the past 5+ years while we decided if we...
  9. Evan Matthews

    For Sale: Frame Shop Equipment - Southern Pines, NC (Flat File/Morso Mitring/Dry Mount Press/Fletcher 3000)

    We are closing our small family frame shop and looking to sell the below equipment: Morso Mitring Machine - $800: Masterpiece 500T-X Dry Mounting/Laminating Press -$700 Fletcher 3000 Multi-Material Cutter - $700 Mitre-Mite VN2 Frames assembling machine (needs work*) - $250 Oak...
  10. F


    Hi Everyone, In the old days we used a chopper for most of our production. We used a CTD double miter for all heavy duty and compo mouldings. We stopped using the Morso chopper and sold it since space was an issue many years ago. Now we are opening a small workshop near our showroom to...
  11. D

    For Sale: Morso chopper

    Morso chopper with extra blades and right hand scale $850 obo. Local pick up near Atmore Ala.
  12. J

    Morso chopper

    Morso chopper for sale. Local pickup greater Philadelphia area. In great condition with measuring arm, extra knives and springs. $1000 obo.
  13. D

    For Sale: Pistorius Frame Joiner, Morso Guillotine (New Jersey/New York)

    Please see classified posting on Craigslist here: http://newjersey.craigslist.org/bfs/5511484660.html For sale are a couple of framing equipment in good condition. Made by Pistorius Manufacturing Co. Cash and carry, must be able to transport and load - sorry, no deliveries. These machines are...
  14. imaluma

    Opinions Wanted cutting angus with morso

    I want to cut a multiple sided frame at home in my own time which means using my Morso. I want to use an angus frame from LJ for this design, has anybody cut this on a morso and experienced any trouble? I may just redesign, I'm worried it might snag on the back side on that last cut. Thanks!
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