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morso chopper

Beauty, Brawn, and Brains: Wizard Z1 CMC
  1. O

    Picture Frame Equip for sale - $2800 (Raleigh)

    Closing home based picture frame shop. Started in 2006 as a side biz to my real career and it has been an outlet for stress and an opportunity to work with my hands. As such, the money never came rolling in and that was ok as it was not my reason to open in the first place. I am now an "empty...
  2. L

    Liquidating Complete Frame Shop--Includes 2 Morso Choppers!

    Hello Friends, I am new here. My dad was in the framing business for 35+ years. Unfortunately, my life's hero died in June. I am liquidating everything from his shop. The inventory includes: - Two Morso Choppers. Well-maintained and in good working condition. He only used one b/c of the...
  3. ryantischerphoto

    Advice? Might get a Morso EH (electric/hydrolic)

    I'm thinking about getting a Morso EH, the electric & hydrolic model that's fully automated. Does anyone have experience with this model? Any advice on what to look for before buying a used model? Since I started making my own frames in 2009 I've used a chop saw w/ measuring fence set-up, which...
  4. M

    For Sale: Morso Chopper

    Morso chopper with three sets of blades. $500 plus shipping. Available in Buffalo, NY.
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