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mitre mite vn2

Direct Contact Overlays DCO Book by James Miller
  1. kevdev

    For Sale: Offers taken on “job lot” from frame store closure (California)

    Bienfang® Vacuum Press® 3444H Mitre Mite VN 2 (underpinner) Fletcher wall mounted glass and matt cutter The equipment is all in working order, and in an average condition of ware. (Vacuum press used least.) Any reasonable offer considered…. thanks, Kevin :)
  2. K

    For Sale: Offers taken on “job lot” from frame store closure (California)

  3. R

    VN-2 Mitre Mite $500

    Mitre Mite v-nailer. Works good and was in use until last week. $500 FOB Amarillo, Texas, for more information call 806-674-6725 or rightangle@suddemlinkmail.com. I have just closed one of my stores so I have a lot of stuff that I do not have listed.
  4. Evan Matthews

    For Sale: Frame Shop Equipment - Southern Pines, NC (Flat File/Morso Mitring/Dry Mount Press/Fletcher 3000)

    We are closing our small family frame shop and looking to sell the below equipment: Morso Mitring Machine - $800: Masterpiece 500T-X Dry Mounting/Laminating Press -$700 Fletcher 3000 Multi-Material Cutter - $700 Mitre-Mite VN2 Frames assembling machine (needs work*) - $250 Oak...
  5. njw1224

    Anyone have info on the Mitre Mite VN2 underpinner?

    I might be able to get a great deal on a Mitre Mite VN2 underpinner, but can't find any info online about this model. I find info on the VN2+1 only. I'm wondering what width moulding the VN2 can handle, and what makes it different than the VN2+1? I'd love to find a pdf of the owners manual. I...
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