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miter saw

Vermont Hardwoods solid wood picture frame molding
  1. J

    Question Gaps in corners of picture frames

    We use two DeWalt miter saws to cut our frames and they have special blades to cut molding in them. We have been having a problem with gaps in the middle of the joint no matter how hard we press the corner together. The gap is only on the top face of the corner and not all the way through. This...
  2. A

    For Sale: Phaedra Measuring System Arms

    This is adaptable to most miter saws. (Does not come with saw) It makes measuring so easy for the framing industry needs. Comes with stand. $300.00
  3. L

    Pistorius Pneumatic double miter saw with mistless non-toxic lubricating system for aluminum and woo

    Pistorius Pneumatic MN200 12" double miter saw with mistless non-toxic lubricating system for aluminum and wood. Sale includes extra blades, dust collecting system, feed table and graduated gauge. All items are in good condition and located in Boston, MA $1,200 or best offer. Larry 617-482-4685
  4. J

    Question Buying miter saw and fence on a budget

    Hi all and thanks in advance, I have about $200-$350 to spend on a mitre saw and fence. I will need to cut some aluminum molding with it, but for the most part use it for wood. Any suggestions on fences? Should I consider a hand miter saw if I won't be using it in high volume?
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