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  1. K

    LED Mirrors

    We just had our first request to make a custom sized LED mirror. We're teaming up with a local lighting company to do it. I was wondering if anyone with experience working on them would have any tips for us?
  2. GrumbleMike2

    Large mirrors and metal frames

    I have a request for a few 48x48" mirrors with fine edge frames and was hoping to get some thoughts on aluminum mouldings that would be suitable, Im looking at Neilsen 93 21 and 97 Thanks all
  3. F

    Wholesale Mirror, west coast

    any idea where to order wholesale mirrors? not beveled? something I can cut to a given size? I get most everything from framers inventory, and I think they're fantastic, however they only do beveled.
  4. T

    Hang mirror

    Been hanging around for a few months, first time "asker." I've been framing for a little less than a decade but now am on my own. Unframed round mirrors are very trendy right now. Ways I know to mount a mirror to a wall- frame it, glue it to the wall, use secure tabs that are screwed to the...
  5. FramerKat

    **** RANT! ****

    Can I have a little rant here...because I need to. Just to preface, I and my partner own a new shop in South Florida. We are currently shopping mirror companies to purchase custom beveled mirrors for our clients on a wholesale level. I've contacted not one, but two of the wholesalers that I've...
  6. justawhitemat

    Large Mirrors

    Best ways to hang a large mirror? I'm looking for the best method for a framed approx. 64" x 36" And the best way to attach if the frame is not particularly deep? I only have about a 3/8" remaining depth to fit a 1/4" mirror. Considering Z-Bars... But can you double them up side by side or get...
  7. justawhitemat

    Opinions Wanted The Month of Mirrors

    I have had more than the usual inquiries about mirrors this month... I framed three mirrors for a customer a few months ago. We spent a lot of time discussing the right size, the proportion she wanted, and choosing the frames (LJ Kensington Walnut Burl, LJ Honey 381312 on other two). A few weeks...
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