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mat cutter

Direct Contact Overlays DCO Book by James Miller
  1. J

    Help with Logan 855 mat cutter making angled bevel cuts

    Doing on-site work, it's not my mat cutter, I've made every adjustment possible and the bevel angles out every time. Any advice? It's not so much a hook, so I don't think it's the blade height or pressure.
  2. P

    For Sale: SHOP EQUIPMENT in New Jersey

    After 40 years, I have decided to retire. The Hopewell Frame Shop has been shuttered and I would like to sell off some equipment. I have a 60" wall mounted Fletcher board cutter in great shape, for $500.00! I have a Keencut 48" matte cutter, also in excellent shape, with many attachments, for...
  3. D

    For Sale: Concept One 44 1/4 Professional Mat Cutter

    Used, but in great condition. Mat cutter has an extension table included. Asking $300, OBO. Must pick up. Contact me if interested, serious inquires only.
  4. FrameShop1

    For Sale: C&H Advantage Pro M40 Mat Cutter

    C + H Advantage Pro M40 Mat Cutter Includes: squaring arm, measuring stops, manual, and accessories as shown Location: MA Price: $450 + Shipping Visit us online at www.skylinepictures.com. Used equipment catalog: http://skylinepictures.com/Used_Framing_Equipment.htm ... newest listings...
  5. J

    Advice on mat cutter purchase

    I'm about to start doing freelance onsite framing for an institution that is purchasing a mat cutter for their own use. I suggested Fletcher-Terry 2200, but they are looking for something in the $800-$1000 range. I also think getting a used one (or a 2100 model) is a good option, but since it...
  6. K

    Mat Board Cutting Calculator

    I am a retired photographer. Over the years, I needed to frame a lot of photographs. Not large enough to have it outsourced, I framed everything my self. 40 years ago I made my own mat-cutting program in the days of "CPM", then a "DOS" version, then "Windows", and now I have made a "Windows...
  7. D

    On Ebay: Fletcher 2100 48" for sale

    Great investment for a new, home based framer, photographer, art studio, museum or gallery. Professional 48" model in excellent condition. Includes owner's manual, clamp lifters, measuring stops, squaring blocks, angle mat guide and mat blades. Must sell -moving out of state. Prefer local pickup...
  8. T

    For Sale: Wizard 9000 Almost New Great Deal

    Wizard 9000 switch Blade with debossing tools, Pen Tools Box Program Was purchased last May only used for 4 months, and since been in storage. Great CMC but decided to leave the business after many years. My loss is your gain, and I'm looking to sell this ASAP http://wizardint.com/cmc9000/...
  9. FramerKat

    The struggle to get *perfect* corners on an 8 ply mat on the Fletcher 2100 is real...

    And this just makes me miss my decked out 2100 that I had 20 years ago all the more. My triceps are killing me from just one oversize 8 ply mat...and I need to cut another. I'm definitely getting my mojo back on this thing though...figuring out how to not get overcuts...I have a "cheat sheet"...
  10. T

    For Sale: Near New Wizard 9000 Switch Blade

    Wizard’s top of the line mat cutting solution, offering advanced design options including: pen drawings, debossed lines and four bevel options to expand your creativity. Some of the features our CMC Model 9000 offers: • Cut speed of up to 20 inches per second • Four blade cartridges: 45 degree...
  11. D

    Gunnar 4001 XL CMC -- almost new

    We are no longer doing framed art, and are selling a lightly used (10-20 hrs) top of the line Gunnar 4001 XL CMC mat cutter with Servo motor. Condition is almost-new, with light scratches on one side (see pic). Approx 100 cuts, exactly 2984.37 meters. Nobilis CPU with installed software...
  12. ConservArt

    Wanted Documentation for Hendrixson Head / Mat Cutter

    Does anyone have in the way of documentation for the Hendrixson Head / Cutter? I have the original patent files in case anyone wants want them including the patent drawings and will email it upon request. I have two Hendrixson Heads but lost the Manuals and but both of the heads are stuck in...
  13. E

    For Sale: FLETCHER 2000 40" MAT CUTTER

    Doesn't look so beautiful - but cuts beautifully - pick up in Asbury Park, NJ - $350
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