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W.D Quinn Saw Co. - US Made Picture Frame Blades
  1. Reynirsdottir

    SOLD Is this a good place to sell excess moulding (cheap!)

    Have a ton (literally!) of boxed/palleted black moulding — 10 shrink-wrapped pallets, ave. 5,700LF per. Wisconsin border/Chicagoland. MDF with custom wrap in matte finish — lovely silky/microfiber feeling to the touch, stunningly durable. Simple ‘gallery/loft’ profile; 13/16” face width; 1-18”...
  2. ConservArt

    For Sale: Gave up retail storefront. Liquidating print inventory, etc.,

    Prints (offset lithographs) are "new old stock" mostly in mint condition, dozens or more per subject. See attached file, most subjects still available. Various sizes 14"x 20" to 24"x 36" approx. Some are giclees. We also have smaller quantities / singles of assorted images, mostly from prestige...
  3. L

    Liquidating Complete Frame Shop--Includes 2 Morso Choppers!

    Hello Friends, I am new here. My dad was in the framing business for 35+ years. Unfortunately, my life's hero died in June. I am liquidating everything from his shop. The inventory includes: - Two Morso Choppers. Well-maintained and in good working condition. He only used one b/c of the...
  4. Randyman

    Turn your small sized mat dropouts into CA$H

    Convert your 8x10" mat dropouts/ fall outs into "Collectible CA$H" with our hand signed mini prints by artist Randy Souders. We have a large selection of small, hand signed 5x7" (image size + borders)* mini prints featuring Victorian houses, rural & small town Americana (general store, gas...
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