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larson juhl

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  1. S

    Reducing Tear-out

    Hello all, New to the forum here, looking for some advice or ideas on tearout reduction. We are currently using a Universal Machinery double mitre cutting system and are seeing a significant amount of tear out on most frame mouldings. We primarily use Arquati and Larson Juhl moulding. Any help...
  2. njw1224

    Need some LJ 284712 (Allegra line). Out of stock until October!

    I need a 4-foot stick of LJ Allegra 284712 - gold 3/4 wide x 1 3/8 high. LJ is out of stock until October. Message me if you can help, with a price please. It will ship to zip 26003. Thanks all!
  3. AaronF

    Searching For Nielsen 75 Polished Silver

    Hi all, I'm looking for 3 sticks of Nielsen 75 polished silver. I've found no luck up here in Toronto, Canada with the suppliers and contacts I have. Larson Juhl, who I purchased this through last year (recurring job apparently), claims they are no longer stocking the style but have some they...
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