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Vermont Hardwoods solid wood picture frame molding
  1. P

    For Sale: Drytac JM44 Cold Roll Laminator

    Gently used Drytac JM44 Cold roll 44 inch laminator used to face mount images to acrylic or general photographic mounting. Only used in the production of my own work and not in a commercial environment. Has also been modified to run backwards as well as forward. I will also include over half a...
  2. P

    Epson P20000 and Mistral 65 inch laminator for sale. Excellent condition

    In California. Together they are perfect for face mounting and a host of other things. Retiring. 7000 for the Epson (I will throw in lots of paper depending on shipping) 8500 for the Mistral Laminator
  3. M

    Help in NY State needed.. framing and laminating/mounting

    Hi all from UK I am currently living in London and exhibiting in NY area in 6 weeks time. I am debating whether to ship my artwork or ship my art rolled up and complete it there with the help of some local help... I am both an artist and a picture framer and have all the usual picture framing...
  4. B

    For Sale: Seal Masterpiece 500T-X Heat Press, located Pittsburgh, PA - $800

    Seal Masterpiece 500T-X Mounting / Laminating Press. Size 26x34". It is Seal's largest format mechanical press and used by framing professionals. Applications for this press include mounting, laminating and applying texture to large photos, artwork and posters. Includes metal desk, used as...
  5. D

    For Sale: VACUSEAL 4468H for Sale $1800.

    Used, Good condition. Works great. Seals great. Needs plate to be cleaned. Several rolls of adhesive and laminate included. No stand. Located for pick up only in Jacksonville, Florida. 205 lbs. need room in my garage to park. email me @ dfwmusick@comcast.net if interested.
picture framing clamps by MasterClamp 2021