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  1. S

    Advice needed: frames warping on the wall

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help give me some advice! We just framed a variety of model room pieces for a hotel in Bermuda that are now warping on site. We're in Colorado (a notoriously dry climate) and they were crated and shipped to Bermuda (in all it's humid glory) in January. They have sat...
  2. M

    Vn 4l itw amp machine

    Ihave a vn4l nailer .everything seems to work but will not see the nails. I have replaced the foot pedal. It worked for a short time and now I am back to the same issue. Any ideas?
  3. P

    Repair Help Double Mitre

    Hi Everyone, We are in need of some help. We are having mechanical issues with our ITW AMP Double Mitre Saw T200. There is an air leak in the machine (hooked up to an air compressor). We think this led to our current problem. Both the right and left blade decided to extend and cut the...
  4. M

    Help in NY State needed.. framing and laminating/mounting

    Hi all from UK I am currently living in London and exhibiting in NY area in 6 weeks time. I am debating whether to ship my artwork or ship my art rolled up and complete it there with the help of some local help... I am both an artist and a picture framer and have all the usual picture framing...
  5. K

    Pistorious MN 200 troubles

    Hello everyone! I have an older model Pistorious MN 200 double mitre saw. Today my blades decided to no longer return to their home position when I release the foot pedal. As you all know this makes cutting moulding quite difficult. Any ideas on where to start? Have checked the air lines...
  6. AaronF

    Opinions Wanted Sheepskin Diploma wrinkle

    Hi Grumblers, I've just had someone come in who has a sheepskin diploma that's got a bit of a wrinkle in the upper right corner. I've never worked with sheepskin before and the client told me that it's not supposed to get wet at all or the piece will be ruined. For equipment I have a heat press...
  7. Caerulea

    Getting Started With French Lines

    Hi All! I've been reading this forum for all its great advice since I started framing in January, it's been a great resource! I'm interested in learning how to do french matting for my shop. I have a decent amount of experience with and knowledge of art mediums and I have a really great local...
  8. A

    Question Cleaning an old Fletch 2000

    Hi all, this is my first real post, please go easy on me! :) My GF and I are ramping up to opening a F.S. at some point soon, and we bought a 48" Fletcher 2000 mat cutter on the cheap from a person on craigslist. It's in fair shape--a little rust on the "shaft", but mostly to the right and left...
  9. justawhitemat

    Question Encaustic Emergency

    An artist brought in a beautiful encaustic painting (on wood panel with strainer behind it) earlier this month to frame for her mother in law. When I ever so gently placed the first frame sample underneath it and tapped the edge, I knocked a chunk off. I apologized profusely but she was able to...
  10. justawhitemat

    Large Mirrors

    Best ways to hang a large mirror? I'm looking for the best method for a framed approx. 64" x 36" And the best way to attach if the frame is not particularly deep? I only have about a 3/8" remaining depth to fit a 1/4" mirror. Considering Z-Bars... But can you double them up side by side or get...
  11. justawhitemat

    Opinions Wanted The Month of Mirrors

    I have had more than the usual inquiries about mirrors this month... I framed three mirrors for a customer a few months ago. We spent a lot of time discussing the right size, the proportion she wanted, and choosing the frames (LJ Kensington Walnut Burl, LJ Honey 381312 on other two). A few weeks...
  12. justawhitemat

    Help "Puff Needlepoint" Mounting?

    Had a new customer place a good $$ order for framing a watercolor today (yay!). She mentioned that she does detailed needlepoint work, and has a few she wants to bring in for framing. She said something about "puffed/puff" needlepoint framing, to which I responded that I could use cotton batting...
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