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  1. Freyajanine

    Opinions Wanted Jyden Guillotine Measuring System Help!

    Can someone help me better understand the measuring system for the Jyden Dan-Clip Guillotine?? I've read the Jyden manual that shows how to measure the inner, rebate and outer measurements. My problem is I don't have all the engraved strokes that the manual is referring to on my measuring scale...
  2. I

    Pilm Mitre Guillotine!

    Hi Folks, I run a photographic printing business over in Ireland. I am frequently asked if I do framing, so, to get straight to the point I am looking at getting involved as I have a lot of customers that use my services, all professional photographers. I am close to buying a second hand...
  3. W

    Cassesse underpinner

    Please follow the link! https://baltimore.craigslist.org/tls/d/cassesse-underpinner-for/6493161456.html Also have an old, 3 phase Jyden guillotine chopper that could use a home. Make me an offer
  4. ryantischerphoto

    Advice? Might get a Morso EH (electric/hydrolic)

    I'm thinking about getting a Morso EH, the electric & hydrolic model that's fully automated. Does anyone have experience with this model? Any advice on what to look for before buying a used model? Since I started making my own frames in 2009 I've used a chop saw w/ measuring fence set-up, which...
  5. D

    For Sale: Pistorius Frame Joiner, Morso Guillotine (New Jersey/New York)

    Please see classified posting on Craigslist here: http://newjersey.craigslist.org/bfs/5511484660.html For sale are a couple of framing equipment in good condition. Made by Pistorius Manufacturing Co. Cash and carry, must be able to transport and load - sorry, no deliveries. These machines are...
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