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W.D Quinn Saw Co. - US Made Picture Frame Blades
  1. K

    Question Glass Optimization Programs?

    When I worked at the Big M, every week we would run what we called the Glass Optimization Program. It would pull size data from all of our orders for the week and puzzle piece them onto 32x40, 24x36, etc. sheets of glass to find the most efficient way to cut the lites down. I have a connection...
  2. BMcIvor

    Cleaning Museum Glass

    Just got a call from a customer who somehow got candle wax on his Museum Glass and wants advice on cleaning it. . . Any advice on cleaning, other than "replace the glass?"
  3. aglhjb

    PRICE UPDATE: Fletcher 3100 multi material cutter

    From former frame shop, great condition in storage. May need some attachments (but I'm almost positive that I have them all, still looking in unit). With an interchangeable cutting head platform that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders for cutting and scoring a...
  4. aglhjb

    Used Fletcher 3100 multi material cutter (up to 60")

    Stored, in good/great condition! May need some attachments. Cuts mat, glass, board, gator, etc. Southern California. Pickup preferred. Email mhalegallery@yahoo.com $875
  5. J

    looking to buy to start up a framing business

    I am looking to buy all things needed to start up a framing business. I am located in Michigan but willing to travel for a good deal. Looking for equipment as well as materials IE. Mat board, glass etc.... Thank you!
  6. C

    Glazing Coating Q- Is there a right and wrong side to TruVue Glazing

    If your using a large sheet of conservation clear glazing and end up using then entire side with the wording which tells you which way faces artwork....is there a way to tell on the scrap piece which side needs to face the artwork? Or does the uv protectant coating work regardless of what side...
  7. C

    Question Is there a right and wrong side to TruVue Glazing

    On a large sheet if you used the entire side with the wording which tells you which way faces out and you were going to use the other piece of the glazing but there are no words because it is now a scrap piece. Is there a way to tell which way faces out once the wording is cut off? Or is the...
  8. FrameOfMind

    Question How can I keep an oversize photograph looking crisp without dry mounting?

    Hello, I just received an order for framing a large photograph. It measures 88 in wide. The customer does not want to dry mount the photograph, so I am worried that it will wrinkle in the frame with spacers keeping it from sticking to the glass. I have heard that using a sheet of reflection...
  9. F

    Looking for a framer in Lake Charles, LS

    I'm looking for a reliable and fast framer in Lake Charles, LA to change glass in few frames. Fast response will be greatly appreciated.
  10. L

    Glass Suppliers Other than Tru Vue

    I have been searching for low cost regular glass, not the Premium kind it is not listed on their website but is often listed as Crystal Clear or EP glass from their distributors. Are there any alternative glass vendors to Tru Vue that makes the 2MM clear glass?
Airpag Corner, packing solution for frame shipping