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frame square

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  1. njw1224

    WTB: Frame Square saw extension arms

    Any Frame Square owners have a set of extension arts for the 1000 or 4000 model saw? I believe both saws would use the same ones, which extend the measuring capability. The normal measuring arms go up to 48 inches, and the extension arms add another 16 inches or so of measuring ability. I have...
  2. artpartnersinc

    NFE-10 Frame Square Trim Cutter - Manual?

    Does anyone know where we could get a copy of the manual for the NFE-10 Frame Square Trim Cutter? Thanks in advance.
  3. G

    Help Frame square stuck

    Hi: I have a frame square miter saw, have been using it fine until today. I was trying to cut a wider moulding, so I moved the saw to the most extended position (towards me), but it stuck, can not move it anywhere. I tried lubrication, cleaning, nothing worked. Any advice would be greatly...
  4. BarbH

    WTB: FrameSquare Clamp Assembly L&R

    Greetings, I have a FrameSquare 4000 that is missing the clamp assembly units. If you have a set (both left and right, please let me know... The part number is: 00-1000-049 Thank you!
  5. BarbH

    Frame Square advice on tightening the saw blade

    Hello. I am wondering how those of you who use a Frame Square saw tighten the blade. I currently use an adjustable crescent wrench and a small vice, but I am worried about getting the nut tight enough. When I take the blade off, I can use a block of wood to keep the blade from rotating, but to...
  6. BarbH

    Frame Square 4000 clamp advice

    Greetings! I recently inherited a Frame Square 4000 circa 1980s. It has a clamp system that is unfamiliar to me. It appears to be a wooden wedge that is held in place by a cam clamp and metal bar. As you can see from the pictures, it is quite worn. Does anyone have a picture/manual of how this...
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