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floater frame

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  1. Woodworks by John

    Mounting a Pastel to a Panel

    Oh boy, having never framed a pastel before and now reading through some posts about it I feel like this may be a tough one! I make custom frames and have been asked to make one for a pastel artist. Basically it's similar to a floater style frame with glass. The pastel (7" x 9") needs to be...
  2. Woodworks by John

    Been Busy -- Another frame to Share

    It's been a busy time for picture frames in my shop lately. This is another one for my best client, my wife! She recently had three of her paintings accepted into the Portrait Artists of Arizona show here in Scottsdale and this is one of them. Somewhat unconventional technique where raw wood...
  3. sapergalleries

    Question Warped Canvas in Floater Frame

    Have a 44 x 60" canvas stretched on non-square stretcher bars. Already glued and screwed into floater frame, which forced the canvas square. Canvas buckled and warped. Any way to flatten it without taking the whole thing apart?
  4. Woodworks by John

    Floater Frames -- New to Me!

    Recently my wife and best client asked if I could make a 14" x 18" floater style frame for a stretched canvas painting she recently completed. Although I knew what a floater frame is I had no idea of how to make one. Checking the usual YouTube and other online sources showed the amatuerish...
  5. southernmoon

    Wanted Black Lacquer Floater

    Looking for a 1" or less wide, 1.5+ deep high gloss black floater moulding. Any suggestions?
  6. justawhitemat

    Searching For Inexpensive Floater Frame

    Looking for a low cost floater frame in black or silver, preferably wood to go on 1.5" deep canvas sizes 40" x 50". Any recommendations? I am looking for this for an ongoing project, but mostly just one or two at a time. And just curious, can one even acquire a poly/plastic floater frame? I...
  7. Artistic Framer

    Opinions Wanted Floater Frames and Keyed Canvas

    I'll usually just screw together a stretcher and floater combo, or sometimes use offsets. But I'm getting more particular, and I'd like to offer a higher end ("bells & whistles") keyable stretcher in a floater. I'm thinking of two scenarios: 1) use a type of offset where one side is a groove...
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