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Vermont Hardwoods solid wood picture frame molding
  1. G

    Storing Matte Cutters

    Hi fellow Grumblers, I recently just moved to a larger studio and want to keep it neat and organized. I have 2 matte cutters, a Fletcher 2100, and a Fletcher Platinum edge 860 and are looking for good ways to store them. I don't use them that often, maybe about 4 times a month at the moment. I...
  2. K

    WTB: Fletcher Point Gun

    Hi All, Looking for a Fletcher pneumatic point gun. thanks, Ken
  3. Larry Peterson

    Framing Equipment Manuals Library 2020-06-23

    A nice library of framing equipment manuals, thanks to Larry Peterson of The Paper Framer. Many of the companies are out of business, but the equipment keeps going strong. If you have any new equipment manuals to contribute, please post info in the discussion area and Larry will add it to...
  4. R

    Fletcher Flexi point issue

    I use the green Fletcher flexipoint manual driver and love it...except for one thing: It leaves behind little black specks of what I presume is either the paint from the point or from the glue holding the points together in the driver. These specks are problematic because they can creep...
  5. R

    Fletcher Material Wall Cutter $250

    Fletcher Wall Cutter, $250. Includes both blade holders, in use when removed from our store. FOB Amarillo, Texas, for more information call 806-674-6725 or rightangle@suddemlinkmail.com. I have just closed one of my stores so I have a lot of stuff that I do not have listed.
  6. aglhjb

    PRICE UPDATE: Fletcher 3100 multi material cutter

    From former frame shop, great condition in storage. May need some attachments (but I'm almost positive that I have them all, still looking in unit). With an interchangeable cutting head platform that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders for cutting and scoring a...
  7. aglhjb

    Used Fletcher 3100 multi material cutter (up to 60")

    Stored, in good/great condition! May need some attachments. Cuts mat, glass, board, gator, etc. Southern California. Pickup preferred. Email mhalegallery@yahoo.com $875
  8. MarkPDX

    Fletcher point drivers

    Hi grumblers, Has anyone had problems with their Fletcher point drivers? I have a few newer drivers that are not working correctly. After taking them apart and looking at the inner workings I found that one small part fails over time. The "bumper" (part No. 12-707). It looks to be made out of...
  9. FrameOfMind

    Chipped Corners

    Hello, I use an Alfamacchine (fletcher) T-400. Every time I cut I experience chipping on the backside of the corners. I've tried sharpening my blades, new blades, and speed adjustments but the chip is consistent.. Any advice on how to get a clean cut? Thanks!
  10. Rich581

    WTB: Weighted straight edge

    Our Fletcher Edge manual cutting bar (straight edge) is worn out and Fletcher doesn't sell it anymore. I would like to buy a used one in like-new condition, or something similar.
  11. Pietrina

    For Sale: AMP U200 UNDERPINNER

    I purchased this underpinner 14 months ago and have only used it 8 times! It is in near perfect condition! Given my lack of space, I now need to sell it. Model: AMP U200 Manual underpinner. This piece of equipment is works great and is so much quieter than an air compressor model. I also...
  12. paintbylight

    dxf files in Fletcher CMC F-610

    Hello, I am really hoping that some of the pros here would help me out. I am trying to open a dxf file on my F6100. However, when I look for the file in the folder it does not show any of the dxf files. I am only able to open them if they have a ".MAT" extension. For those of you that use a...
  13. J

    For Sale: Fletcher 3000 60" $1000, pickup in NYC

    Fletcher 3000 Series 60" Glass/ Plastic/ Mat Board Cutting Machine. Excellent condition, rarely used. I had a paper conservation business and did occasional framing, so this machine was used only once or twice a week over the past 10 years. In addition to the machine and wall mounting...
  14. S

    Liquidation: Frame shop for sale all together or seperate

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzWATgraMXFCcDlXYk9wS0FaTGs/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzWATgraMXFCYmpuTVc3S2EwOE0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzWATgraMXFCbHFaN2VOejFEQmM/view?usp=sharing...
  15. njw1224

    Best 60-inch manual mat cutter?

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade from my old 40" sub-professional mat cutter to a professional level 60". It seems there are 3 main choices for a new model (not looking to buy used). They are the Fletcher 2200, Foster Ultimat Futura, and Logan Platinum Edge 860. I've watched lots of youtube videos...
  16. A

    For Sale: Frame Shop Equipment - Virginia

    Central Virginia - Offering for sale the following equipment, all manufactured in the early 90's: Brevetti Prisma Manual Double Miter Saw (w/ dust collection port) - $3200 Fletcher 8400 Series 60" wall mounted cutting machine (Matt, Glass, Plexiglass, Foam Core) - $450 Seal Masterpiece 500T...
  17. T

    For Sale: Wizard 9000 Almost New Great Deal

    Wizard 9000 switch Blade with debossing tools, Pen Tools Box Program Was purchased last May only used for 4 months, and since been in storage. Great CMC but decided to leave the business after many years. My loss is your gain, and I'm looking to sell this ASAP http://wizardint.com/cmc9000/...
  18. FramerKat

    The struggle to get *perfect* corners on an 8 ply mat on the Fletcher 2100 is real...

    And this just makes me miss my decked out 2100 that I had 20 years ago all the more. My triceps are killing me from just one oversize 8 ply mat...and I need to cut another. I'm definitely getting my mojo back on this thing though...figuring out how to not get overcuts...I have a "cheat sheet"...
  19. Rich581

    Fletcher 6100 for sale

    This machine has been highly reliable for over ten years in a busy frame shop. Well maintained. We have never had a major repair or needed to replace a major part. It is still accurate and reliable. Extra blades, small work desk, monitor and keyboard included.
  20. T

    Elettrograf and 2 cases of points

    1 Elettrograf pneumatic framer point gun 2 cases of 10x3000 that fit Elettrograf package price $200.00 1 Fletcher Framer point gun with 2 box's of framer points $ 90.00 5 box's of Cassese flexi points $30 per box sold in lot only Call or Email Nick 416-879-4257 nicktamburi@hotmail.com
  21. E


    Priced to sell at $550 - This cutter works beautifully, cuts perfectly - extra blades and a box of glass free with purchase - must sell quickly. Available for pickup in Asbury Park, NJ
Airpag Corner, packing solution for frame shipping