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  1. artpartnersinc

    NFE-10 Frame Square Trim Cutter - Manual?

    Does anyone know where we could get a copy of the manual for the NFE-10 Frame Square Trim Cutter? Thanks in advance.
  2. Matthew Hale

    Searching For deco fillet

    ideally it would look like the sight edge of Fotiou JS1910BL. tiny little triangles. anyone know of any such creature?
  3. J

    looking to buy to start up a framing business

    I am looking to buy all things needed to start up a framing business. I am located in Michigan but willing to travel for a good deal. Looking for equipment as well as materials IE. Mat board, glass etc.... Thank you!
  4. MnSue

    Searching For NC Fillet 37009

    Just discontinued (June)...!~@#$%^&I* need 18 ft.... anyone??? 952-222-0931/612-558-9532 (cell) thanks
  5. Matthew Hale

    Searching For Nurre Caxton fillet

    Does anyone have any NC 73002 (silver) laying around? I only need about 4' but it's discontinued and of course I need to match a previous order. I've attached a photo of 73001 (gold) for reference.
  6. R

    Wanted Looking to Buy a Fillet Chopper

    I'm looking to buy a new/used fillet chopper. I've done my research and it looks like Fletcher and Frame Square seem to be the most widely used. If anyone has one in good shape and is looking to sell, please contact me at randydio@gmail.com. Thanks.
  7. justawhitemat

    Matching a Fillet/ Unfinished Fillet

    Can anyone recommend a source for unfinished/unpainted plain fillet with about 1/4" wide reveal ? Customer prefers the rustic dusty blue fillet on left of photo but it's discontinued. They are a designer and offered to finish the fillet to the color they prefer, I just need to provide the wood...
  8. jmframer

    Searching For Velasquez Black Fillet

    I am looking for about 13 feet of the Velasquez fillet, color black (Larson Juhl #107742). I must have missed it when I pulled discontinueds, and Larson is all out. I have a picky customer, and it took us over an hour to find a combo she liked. I really hate to have to tell her we have to do it...
  9. justawhitemat

    Opinions Wanted The Month of Mirrors

    I have had more than the usual inquiries about mirrors this month... I framed three mirrors for a customer a few months ago. We spent a lot of time discussing the right size, the proportion she wanted, and choosing the frames (LJ Kensington Walnut Burl, LJ Honey 381312 on other two). A few weeks...
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