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  1. Iowa Framer

    Esterly Speed-Mat

    Any recommendations for or against my very small frame business buying a new Esterly 4060? Is Speed-Mat still in business? Good to do business with? I figure it will pay for itsel in 2 or 3 years. Thanks for any help. I've looked for a used one and they are rare and far distant.
  2. kblaisdell

    For Sale: $900 Used Esterly SpeedMat 3240 (32" x 40") -- Portland, Maine

    For Sale: Used Esterly SpeedMat 3240 (32" x 40") in good condition Price: $900 Location: Portland, Maine Condition: Lovingly used; in good condition. User manual included. The Esterly Speed-Mat mat cutter is a space-saving wall-mounted multi-material cutter used to cuts mats, foamboard, glass...