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minoxy° micro-climate enclosure
  1. M

    How to Post Photos to Plywood?

    Hi folks, I’m brand new here, but I’ve been reading a lot of the threads and I need some advice. This isn’t strictly framing related, but I see you folks have tons of experience in mounting, and so I’m hoping you can offer some guidance. We are mounting images to plywood to create puzzles...
  2. A

    For Sale: VacuSeal 4468H Drymount Machine

    Beinfang Vacuum Seal Products, INC. Volts 230 Serial # A34-100320. Tack Iron included. Also comes with it's stand. Great condition and currently in working order. Capable of Drymounting and lamentation. Holds up to 60X40 sized items. Comes with extra release boards, paper, and mounting...
  3. ArtMechanics

    MDF in Vacuseal?

    I keep forgetting the max thickness for mounting mdf in the Vacuseal. I always seem to find a way around mdf and use something else. I've got a job coming up where I'll need to mount some things on either plywood or mdf. I don't want to damage my press.. I've been looking around for info on...
  4. Frankidadio

    Seal 500TX & Supplies

    Seal 500 TX perfect working order. $1400. Comes with over $700 of additional supplies: Sealector tacking iron, drymount film and tissue, Permalon Kooltack cover sheet, 12 - 32 x 40 3/16 KoolTac Foamboard, 20 - 32 x 40 3/16 Acid Free KoolTac Foamboard, and 4 silicone release boards. Local pickup...
  5. A

    For Sale: Frame Shop Equipment - Virginia

    Central Virginia - Offering for sale the following equipment, all manufactured in the early 90's: Brevetti Prisma Manual Double Miter Saw (w/ dust collection port) - $3200 Fletcher 8400 Series 60" wall mounted cutting machine (Matt, Glass, Plexiglass, Foam Core) - $450 Seal Masterpiece 500T...
  6. justawhitemat

    Reversible Drymount Board

    I am having a lot of bad luck with mounting anything other than regular ol' white Kool-Tack. And that's not something I even consider using on a lot of items I frame. Trying to decide which board I should really setlle on, considering I've had bad luck with both Kool Tack and Bainbridge. If...
  7. D

    For Sale: VACUSEAL 4468H for Sale $1800.

    Used, Good condition. Works great. Seals great. Needs plate to be cleaned. Several rolls of adhesive and laminate included. No stand. Located for pick up only in Jacksonville, Florida. 205 lbs. need room in my garage to park. email me @ dfwmusick@comcast.net if interested.
  8. M

    Drymount Machine Vacuum problems

    Hi everyone! glad to finally join the group. I need your help! We have a used VacuSeal 3444H dry mounting machine. Everything is in working order except that no matter what I try, I cannon get the machine to take a vacuum. I have checked the pump and all is good. No holes in the internal...
  9. Andrew Lenz Jr.

    Do you use pre-coated boards for drymounting?

    Almost all the drymounts that we do are onto acid-free foamboard (or an archival matboard). We use mounting tissue off of a long roll and have a 50"x100" vacuum hot/cold press. For those of you using pre-coated foamboards, what would you recommend to replace the tissue process? Thanks, Andrew
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