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W.D Quinn Saw Co. - US Made Picture Frame Blades
  1. sapergalleries

    Problem Discontinued Nurre Moulding

    On the hunt for a discontinued Nurre moulding - 90103. 1 1/2" wide, 11/16" deep. Gloss coat over ramin wood. Sounds like it's been discontinued for a long time, but client is looking to match a very old order. Any chance someone has been hoarding lengths of something similar? Closest match we...
  2. Matthew Hale

    Searching For Nurre Caxton fillet

    Does anyone have any NC 73002 (silver) laying around? I only need about 4' but it's discontinued and of course I need to match a previous order. I've attached a photo of 73001 (gold) for reference.
  3. mequon

    Looking for LJ discontinued moulding

    Hello, I'm in search of Larson Juhl #204103 Charcoal from the Cascade line. I need enough for a 30 1/2 x 23 1/2 frame. Thanks for any help you can give. Have a good day.
  4. C

    Seeking LJ discontinued L726980

    Need help for discontinued LJ Moulding L726980 Billiard. We need four sticks. Does anyone have it?
  5. justawhitemat

    Looking for Shadowbox Moulding EN6024

    Need about 14 feet (or rails 2 @ ~35" and 2 @ ~42") of Engelsen 6024. I know this was also available as a Max Moulding but cannot find the number. Called Engelsen and they are completely out, and said their supplier doesn't have a date at which they will restock. Will consider paying for...
  6. alacrity8

    Searching For Bainbridge 8021 Stadium Blue

    Looking for a full sheet of Bainbridge 8021 Stadium Blue. It's been discontinued while I wasn't looking. Can anyone help? Thanks, Brian
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