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Direct Contact Overlays DCO Book by James Miller
  1. Woodworks by John

    Ebonized Red Oak, Hand Crafted Frame

    Like to share the creation and results of this recent frame I made for my favorite client -- my wife! Some of the other people I make frames for prefer that they're not shared on public boards; why?, I'm not sure. Anyway, this painting is oil on panel and measures 12" x 16". My wife wanted to...
  2. Woodworks by John

    New Frame for "Here Comes the Sun"

    Is black the "new gold"? Seems as if many of the frame requests I've had lately are for black ones. They are easier than water gilded gold leaf which is what I'd like to continue to get better at but no matter what the commission, I always look forward to the challenge. What I like to do with...
  3. Woodworks by John

    Revisiting the Beaded Frame

    In early June I added a post to the Grumble talking about a beaded frame I'd created for my artist wife, Diane Eugster. I'm primarily a furniture maker and woodcarver but love the challenge of making custom profiles for her as well as other artists here in the Phoenix area -- contact me if...
  4. Woodworks by John

    Recent Carved Frame: Olive Motif

    Thought I'd share the latest carved frame just completed. The profile is shop made and about 3 1/2" wide and the size is 20" square. Basswood was used since it carves nicely. I've included an image of the frame and painting even though the painting still needs to be varnished to "pop" all of...
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