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Beauty, Brawn, and Brains: Wizard Z1 CMC
  1. J

    Question Gaps in corners of picture frames

    We use two DeWalt miter saws to cut our frames and they have special blades to cut molding in them. We have been having a problem with gaps in the middle of the joint no matter how hard we press the corner together. The gap is only on the top face of the corner and not all the way through. This...
  2. M

    Morso cutting; Rookie

    When i cut my molding with a Morso (Blades are new) outside of the molding corner crumble looks like garbage. What is it that im doing wrong ? are the fences off? or do i need to change the blades ?
  3. L

    Omega chopped. Corners going together

    Hi guys! I have been trying for months to dial in my chop saw to get perfect corners. Gave up and decided to order two chopped frames from Omega to see how perfect the frames would go together. What am I doing wrong? One frame doesn't sit flat and the other has imperfect corners. Not happy...
  4. F

    Question joining trouble. maddening miter vices...

    so, I have a new job in which I am the sole framer, and everything I learned was at another framing shop over about 5 years, which unfortunately went out of business, but keep in mind that a lot of what I learned was from a set up that existed before I arrived, and in trying to perfect my new...
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