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  1. FramerInTraining

    SOLD Used Wizard 8500 for sale in Fairfield, NJ

    Used Wizard 8500 for sale. It comes with 6.5 boxes of blades. See pictures. It also comes with 7 black blade holder things. Wizard software, PC and monitor are included. Mat and corner count screen shots are listed in pictures. This is our daily use machine in an active shop with...
  2. AaronF

    For Sale: Underpinners, a CMC, and Multi-media cutter for SALE

    Hi everyone, Due to COVID, our business has needed to make a hard left and we are looking to put our equipment in new loving homes. 1. I've got three Cassesse CS89 Underpinners. Two of which are complete and in fine working order, the other is a frame and slider only that I was keeping as a...
  3. F

    SOLD Gunnar 601RS CMC Mat Cutter

    For Sale: Gunnar 601 RS with pen tool. Excellent condition machine, 11,000 cuts. Located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada $27,500 CDN (approx $20K US) Two cutting heads Cuts to the edge 40” x 61” table size Cuts foamboard Split clamping zones Automatic blade depth New generation microstepper...
  4. R

    Wizard 9000z SmartClamps

    Hi! I've been coming to the Grumble for years seeking wisdom, but only now have I finally made an account. Our shop has had a CMC 9000 for 10 years, and due to age, wear, and consistent recurring problems, we have as of today upgraded to a 9000z. Almost everything between the two is comparably...
  5. AaronF

    Wizard 9000 Head Return Home Error

    So I've been having this issue for about a month now where the cutting head has a funny stutter when returning to home after cutting the outside dimension with my 90 degree tool. Upon returning to home after the stutter, the blade on the head does not get back to it's intended vertical position...
  6. G

    Wizard Eclipse Flex

    Hello everyone. This is my first posting as a new member. Does anyone out there have a Wizard Eclipse Flex. We do. Its a beautiful thing. I'm wondering if anyone else has one. Is anyone thinking of getting one. Want to ask questions about it? I tried checking their web site and it looks...
  7. R

    WIZARD 8000 $500

    Wizard 8000 platform and computer with all software and computer. Needs a head and driver available from Wizard or CMC Dr with no contract FOB Amarillo Texas will not ship. For info call 806-674-6725 or rightangle@suddenlinkmail.com. I just closed one of my stores so I have lots of stuff not listed
  8. J

    For Sale: Eclipse XL Computerized Mat Cutter - Best Offer - Danvers, MA

    FOR Sale Eclipse XL Computerized Mat Cutter. Located in Danvers, MA. Has not had heavy use. Needs a tune up and may need computer updated. Excellent overall condition. Includes all original paperwork, manual and software disks. Also comes can include left over stock matte and foam board if...
  9. PicturedFramer

    For Sale: Wizard 8000 CMC - Seattle

    Finally retired but in my garage is a fully functioning Wizard 8000 CMC. Cuts beautiful mats in minutes and is ready for a new home. I'm asking $4800 and has a few scratches on the board. Must be local enough for you to haul away. Computer and software Mat Designer, also computer stand and mat...
  10. njw1224

    CMC, joys or concerns?

    I have a chance to buy an almost new CMC way below the cost of new - and I mean hardly used at all. But it's still a big investment, as it is the latest model. Comes with pen tool, debosser, etc. and does up to 40x60 board. BUT, I'm a small volume shop and most of my mat cutting is pretty...
  11. M


    I'm selling a new CMC wizard 9000, still in box. Please make an offer, listed for $18000,+, purchased for $15000. you can email me at monaetague@gmail.com, I will return mail for call you back if number is given.
  12. paintbylight

    dxf files in Fletcher CMC F-610

    Hello, I am really hoping that some of the pros here would help me out. I am trying to open a dxf file on my F6100. However, when I look for the file in the folder it does not show any of the dxf files. I am only able to open them if they have a ".MAT" extension. For those of you that use a...
  13. Matthew Hale

    wizard path trace

    does anyone have experience importing from Adobe Illustrator to Wizard's PathTrace utility? I'm using Illustrator CS4 and I've tried many ways to tweak the export settings and can't get anything to open in PathTrace.
  14. F

    Need new CMC. Which is better: Wizard vs. Valiani ?

    My old Eclipse CMC is slowly dying. Which machine would you recommend: Wizard or comparable Valiani? Thank you for your help.
  15. Pointe Claire Framer

    CMC advice needed

    Hi All, New to this board - back to picture framing after a 20 year hiatus. Nutshell: hired part time to take over production at a small art store / frame shop. All frames are chop service or joined frames from Larson or a similar local supplier. Everything else is by hand - old 40" Fletcher...
  16. R

    TruCut Computerized Mat Cutter

    TruCut Excel Maxi CMC with computer and software. In good working condition. Large bed 78 1/2 x 63 x 34H selling as is, where is it is, in Clinton, KY 42031. Priced to sell fast at $3000. Buyer must arrange for transportation and loading. Call 865 603 4459 for more information
  17. AaronF

    Opinions Wanted Where do you get your CMC cut art?

    Hi all, Just wondering where you all get your clip art or cut art for your CMCs? I have a Wizard 9000 and see an import feature that requires WCA/WCX files. I did a quick search on the Googlers, but didn't find any clip/cut art files with that file extension. I also did Grrrrrumble search but...
  18. Jared miller

    HELP! im stuck like chuck!

    I have had my valiani mat pro ultra for a few months now and i went to change the blade on my green cutting 40 degree angle head, problem is the screw is stuck and now stripped :_( ive tride vice grips ive tried oil.... plyers you name it. i need to change the blade and get back to work HELP!!!!!
  19. FramerKat

    Some "I've been outta the loop" CMC questions...

    Okay, I've not used a CMC extensively since 2010 when I left my last full time framing job. Fast forward to now and here I am with my own shop and have a couple of opportunities to use both a Wizard 9000 and a Valiani (don't know model as of yet). I have some questions since I've been out of...
  20. Rich581

    Fletcher 6100 for sale

    This machine has been highly reliable for over ten years in a busy frame shop. Well maintained. We have never had a major repair or needed to replace a major part. It is still accurate and reliable. Extra blades, small work desk, monitor and keyboard included.
  21. j Paul

    WTB: Eclipse Pro 4060

    I am on the search for an Eclipse Pro 4060. Preferably one within 300 miles or so of NW Ohio - Toledo. I would like to see it running in person and pick it up as opposed to having it shipped. Please pass the word if you know of anybody having one for sale.
  22. D

    Gunnar 4001 XL CMC -- almost new

    We are no longer doing framed art, and are selling a lightly used (10-20 hrs) top of the line Gunnar 4001 XL CMC mat cutter with Servo motor. Condition is almost-new, with light scratches on one side (see pic). Approx 100 cuts, exactly 2984.37 meters. Nobilis CPU with installed software...
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