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brevetti prisma

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    Brevetti Underpinner **Also Glues Frame in Same Cycle**

    Hi All Hope you can help I'm looking at a new underpinner, and came across the Brevetti underpinner, that also glues at the same time as it pins. Has anyone had any experience of this type of "Brevetti AUT 2112" underpinner & Gluer , or similar device ...
  2. A

    For Sale: Frame Shop Equipment - Virginia

    Central Virginia - Offering for sale the following equipment, all manufactured in the early 90's: Brevetti Prisma Manual Double Miter Saw (w/ dust collection port) - $3200 Fletcher 8400 Series 60" wall mounted cutting machine (Matt, Glass, Plexiglass, Foam Core) - $450 Seal Masterpiece 500T...
  3. P

    Brevetti Prisma maxi double mitre saw

    Hi everyone, We are ready to sell a long time friend :) that has been with us since 2006: Brevetti Prisma maxi double mitre saw with two sets of blades, two extra belts, wrench and manual. Unit is in good condition, minor normal wear and tear as it has been used daily. The saw is missing the...
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