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art deco

W.D Quinn Saw Co. - US Made Picture Frame Blades
  1. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Mother Love - Valentines day Perfect gift

    When mother hears him named 'fulfill'd of wisdom's lore,' Far greater joy she feels, than when her son she bore. - Valluvar To buy this Paintings visit https://bit.ly/2I5Zv6Q
  2. Joe_Art

    For Sale: The Musician Flute - Abstract Painitng

    "To the Melody of your flute, I shall Traverse all Infinities" - Mocking Soul "The Musician Flute" a mesmerizing artwork by our artist Rojalawrence To buy this paininting visit https://bit.ly/2SAlCX9
  3. Woodworks by John

    Chameleon gets Framed

    Here's the latest carved frame that I've been working on. Just a side note is that there have been a few other clients besides my wife that have had me do some frames for them, glad that's happening here for me. Very hard to compete with mass-produced and imported frames although I try to keep...
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